5 Things Learned From Mick Jagger WTF Interview

The Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger called into superfan Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast for a recently posted interview. Jagger, who was calling in (late) from the West Indies –he said it was a time zone snafu, kept the discussion short and sweet but still divulged some noteworthy insights on The Stones’ upcoming Zip Code North American Tour. Read on to find out five things we learned from Mick and Marc’s chat.

1. Jagger will be the only Mick appearing on the tour.
Maron asked about the possibility of Stones guitarist Mick Taylor appearing with the legendary band. Jagger responded that though they had a successful world tour with Taylor, there are no plans for him to paly with his old bandmates.

2. Other special guests are are still a maybe.
Jagger got a bit coy when asked about the prospects of other, non-Mick Taylor guests joining in on the tour. While he acknowledged enjoying having a guest sit-in, challenges arise when selecting the song to collaborate on.

4. The tour’s setlist will be a “mixed bag.”
Currently in rehearsal, The Stones are working out what songs they’ll bring out this summer. Jagger alluded to including well-known classics and songs the band has never played previously, explaining the band tries out songs in rehearsal before deciding to play them live or not. 

3. The rumor that Sticky Fingers will be played each night is still a rumor (at the time this was taped).
“That might work and that might not work,” Jagger said when Maron pressed him about the entire LP being performed. He added that some Sticky Fingers deep cuts that don’t get a lot of play from stage would likely be dusted off, including Maron’s suggested “Sister Morphine.”

5. Jagger was in the studio helping remaster Sticky Fingers.
Part of the rumor regarding Sticky Fingers has to do with the album’s upcoming remastered re-release. Jagger informed Maron he was present in the studio providing input on the updated release.