Saturday, April 20, 2013

Panther Island Pavilion
Fort Worth, TX

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At its origin, Untapped was designed by its organizers as an event equally focused on quality music and beer, a balance uncommon at music festivals and rarely found at beer events. The aim is not about the quantity of selection but rather the curating of the best in both craft beer and emerging local and national bands. A few of our favorite things so to speak! The addition of local artisans, quality food vendors, and unique locations add texture to each event and create a vibrant village of activity. What started as a self-serving shindig designed to showcase our personal interests turned out to be something that resonates in a way that is meaningful to us and our supporters!
Ticket Price: $19 - $58
Door Time:2:00 PM
Show Time:3:00 PM
Ages:All Ages

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