Gibb Droll
Gibb Droll Quiet and softspoken, the introverted Gibb Droll is transformed into someone quite different once you put a guitar into his hands. The pure unscripted performances that have shaped his career have given him mainstream success without compromising his trademark sound and independent status. Attend one of his concerts, and it is clear to see why those who have had an opportunity to be touched by him are never again the same. Just as Droll was impressed upon as a young boy by Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimi Hendrix, so too do audiences bask in his talent.

With a devotion to the Blues, and an admiration of authentic Rock and Roll, Droll has shared the stage with many of his own musical heroes from Buddy Guy to B.B. King, Danny Gattan to Warren Haynes, and Albert Collins to Robert Cray.

Droll's ambitions however, have simply been too great to be lent to his own musical endeavors. Never one to be complacent, he continues to push his own artistic envelope. Whether recording for other artists projects, or rigorously touring both as hired talent and on his own, Droll finds time to satisfy his personal musical niche by scoring music for film and recording his own independent albums.

Droll's resumé includes appearances on Jay Leno, Conan O' Brien, The CBS Morning Show, A&E, MTV, VH1, and CMT. Although unsigned, he has sold over 50,000 records independently, been acknowledged in Billboard Magazine and earned himself a spot on the Rolling Stone Reader's Top 20 Poll.

His unique formula of expressive songwriting and his undeniable talent as a guitar player have earned him his own signature amplifier with Holland Amplifiers. His latest record, TEN DAYS, is a timeless distillation of alternative country and heart-pounding rock and roll. Entwined in his poetic songwriting is a reflection of influences that have had the most significance on Droll. From the great jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt to the soulfully poignant Muddy Waters, Gibb Droll somehow manages to pull from those he admires most and yet create a sound completely his own.