Ala Zingara
Ala Zingara Olives and garlic? Alice and Carlos? Ala Chingara? No...Ala Zingara. Those are just a few of the creative interpretations people thought they heard escape the mouths of Dignan and Parks during a show. But that is what exemplifies this band. Celtic rock? Eastern European punk? Brazilian bossa? Alt country? Yes...Ala Zingara, or the literal translation, in a gypsy style.

This Seattle quartet swims upstream and has a great time doing so. Their newest album and third release, Murder of Crows, is a collection of well crafted songs that follows this Ala Zingara philosophy. For example, the hard hitting pseudo world prog-rock title track, "Murder of Crows," is followed by the beautiful Jobim soaked bossa, "Seu Ser." They also went all out when inviting new sounds into the recording process. There are vibes, musical saw, finger cymbals, gongs, brake drums, tenor sax, trumpet, sitar, tabla, dobro, tres, accordion, lap steel and a comical Greek chorus to supplement their already unique sound. To listen to the first two albums, Murder of Crows is the logical next stop on the road they have been traveling and one can hear the edge Seattle has given them since they relocated there from Moscow, ID in 2002.

This commitment to aural diversity is also reflected in their instrumentation. Parks and Dignan share most of the lead vocal duties while Larson provides a dynamic female voice to the mix. The guitar, bouzouki, and acoustic/electric upright bass also create an infinite variety of textures. To shore up the heavy rock groove for their live performances, Ala Zingara has added drummer Casey Miller. Miller's resume includes the bands Stranger Neighbor, Straw Dogs, and Jam On White Bread to name a few. One of the songs that has been a proven crowd pleaser is the medley of "Zorba the Greek" and Johnny Cash's "I Walk the Line." And it is not unusual to hear "opa" from the crowd one moment and then "yeehaa" the next.

All of the hard work and commitment to a unique product started to pay off last year when NPR's nationally syndicated radio program, Day to Day, featured Ala Zingara as one of the best bands of 2004 and Ala Zingara shared the stage with Tony Furtado at the McCall Music Festival in Roseburry during the summer of 2005. From Sitka, AK to Eureka, CA, Ala Zingara continues to build a loyal and loving fan base.

Robert Parks-bouzouki,acoustic guitar, vocals
Casey Miller-drums
Megan Larson-upright bass, vocals
Brennan Dignan-electric guitar, vocals