Moon Hooch
Moon Hooch Spawned from New York City's subways in 2010, busking trio Moon Hooch (Wenzl McGown and Mike Wilbur on Tenor Saxophone, James Muschler on Drums) has developed a style of dance music all their own - Cave Music. Moon Hooch creates frenzied foot-stomping bashes with nothing more than two saxophones, drums, and the occasional contrabass clarinet.

Their self-funded, self-released debut album "proves that you can do a shit ton with just those three instruments." The tenor saxophones frequently feud like a roundtable debate of drunken philosophers, while the Muschler's minimal drum kit rattles off, arguing only with itself.

Like The Felice Brothers, Moon Hooch has cultivated a dedicated "underground" following by playing to thousands of subway passengers. Mike Doughty (Soul Coughing) took notice of the band's unique style while waiting for a train and invited them on a month long national tour in November 2011 as his supporting act.