Joshua Redman

  • Spirit Of The Moment: Live At The Village Vanguard
    Spirit Of The Moment: Live At The Village Vanguard
  • Choices
  • Compass
  • Soulmates
  • Boss Organ
    Boss Organ
  • Back East
    Back East
  • Classic Ellington
    Classic Ellington
  • Momentum
    Momentum is the second album from The Joshua Redman Elastic Band. At this group’s core is Redman’s ongoing collaboration with Sam Yahel, with whom Redman began composing, performing, and—with Brian Blades on drums—recording in 2002. Playing with Jeff Ballard on drums, Redman and Yahel have performed live in several major U.S. cities. A Los Angeles Times review said, “It’s no mystery that samplers, sequencers and rhythm machines can produce remarkable results in the hands of performers with minimal musical skills. Would artists such as Redman, keyboardist Sam Yahel and drummer Jeff Ballard find something richer, deeper, darker? The answer is yes.” Redman and Yahel worked together to create Redman’s album Elastic, as well as a recording released the same year under the moniker Yaya3. Like these previous forays, and this time with a diverse cast of players, Momentum draws upon rock, funk, and other groove-based musical elements, augmenting Redman’s saxophone improvisation with various electric effects and instruments.
  • Elastic
    The latest release from Joshua Redman is an impressive trio record with Brian Blade on drums and Sam Yahel on keyboards. Redman does not simply regurgitate bebop as some critics have derided him for. He is deeper than that, he is reinventing himself with this trio, pushing music in another direction, growing as a musician.
    Track Listing: 1. Molten Soul 2. Jazz Crimes 3. The Long Way Home 4. Oum O U 5. Still Pushin' that Rock 6. Can a Good Thing Last Forever 7. Boogie Lastic 8. Unknowing 9. News From the Front 10. Letting Go 11. Intro> 12. The Birthday Song
  • Elastic
  • Passage of Time
    Passage of Time
    Track Listing: 1. Before 2. Free Speech, Phase I - Declaration 3. Free Speech, Phase II - Discussion 4. Our Minuet 5. Bronze 6. Time 7. Enemies Within 8. After
  • Beyond
  • Timeless Tales (For Changing Times)
    Timeless Tales (For Changing Times)
  • Freedom In the Groove
    Freedom In the Groove
  • Joshua Redman
    Joshua Redman
  • Wish
    Track Listing: 1. Turnaround 2. Soul Dance 3. Make Sure You're Sure 4. The Deserving Many 5. We Had a Sister 6. Moose the Mooche 7. Tears in Heaven 8. Whittlin' 9. Wish [Live] 10. Blues for Pat [Live]
  • Spirit Of The Moment: Live At The Village Vanguard [LIVE]
    Spirit Of The Moment: Live At The Village Vanguard [LIVE]
    Track Listing: Disc: 1 1. Jig-A-Jug 2. My One and Only Love 3. Count Me Out 4. Second Snow 5. Remember 6. Dialogue 7. St. Thomas Disc: 2 1. Herbs and Roots 2. Wait No Longer 3. Neverend 4. Just in Time 5. MT. Zion 6. Slapstick 7. Lyric
  • Beyond
    Track Listing: 1. Courage (Asymmetric Aria) 2. Belonging (Lopsided Lullaby) 3. Neverend 4. Leap of Faith 5. Balance 6. Twilight... And Beyond 7. Stoic Revolutions 8. Suspended Emanations 9. Last Rites of Rock & Roll 10. A Life?