Alchemist A unique metal hybrid unlike anything that you've ever heard, ALCHEMIST is a strange beast to quantify. Instinctively aware of the importance of stylistic individuality, and disillusioned with the stagnant metal scene of the late Eighties, ALCHEMIST was formed with the purpose of creating original, emotive, hard-driving music that would not only provide metal listeners with a fresh perspective, but attract music lovers usually not interested in metal's extremities.

In 1993, ALCHEMIST attracted the interest of Austrian metal label Lethal Records. 'Jar of Kingdom' was ALCHEMIST's first CD release -a bizarre aural collage of early death thrash and spasticated psychedelia. 'Jar of Kingdom' showcased a band striving for their own musical identity.

ALCHEMIST continued to progress their brand of heaviness through two more studio efforts, 'Lunasphere' and 'Spiritech' respectively. These recordings saw ALCHEMIST fine tune their craft via improved production and a continued commitment to rupture the restraints of the genre. The band's innovation, combined with constant touring and a strong work ethic, helped to catapult ALCHEMIST to the forefront of the Australian metal scene - a position they maintain to this day. Unfortunately, 'Lunasphere' and 'Spiritech' were largely unavailable outside Australia - the band's international distribution drought had to be broken.

During late 1999/early 2000, ALCHEMIST finalized a distribution deal with Dutch label Displeased Records for the European release of their latest opus 'Organasm.' ALCHEMIST viewed 'Organasm' as a rebirth in both innovation and songwriting.

Relapse Records, long interested in ALCHEMIST's brilliant metal hybrid, stepped in and licensed 'Organasm' for an October 2001 release. Finally fans outside Australia had access to ALCHEMIST's magic, and the band had the international distribution and promotion they desired.

'Organasm' was stronger in all areas than any of their previous albums. Continuously building on layers of cyclical sounds, ALCHEMIST provided heavy music adventurers with the grail they had long been searching for. A seriously profound listen, 'Organasm' displayed tight musicianship and a more focused yet adventurous ALCHEMIST sound, incorporating amazing textures, ever-changing tempos and patterns, Middle Eastern percussive rhythms, washes of keyboards and a unique musical identity.

Heavy music wizards ALCHEMIST concocted a diverse, progressive sonic palette with their long-awaited new album, the undeniably unique 'Austral Alien.' Uniting heavy metal and rock with an avant-garde sense of progressiveness and a remarkably adventurous spirit, ALCHEMIST delivered a record that appealed to metal fans across the board. Explosive, angular, powerful and enlightening, ALCHEMIST's 'Austral Alien' propelled the listener across multiple musical boundaries. ALCHEMIST are currently preparing for their next release "Tripsis", due out on Relapse Records in 2007. The new album is sure to raise the bar even further and bring ALCHEMIST the recognition they deserve.