Consider The Source
Consider The Source Three Musicians converging on an epic plateau of sound and reflex. Three conscious minds communicating on sub-conscious levels. New York City's CONSIDER THE SOURCE is the fourth voice, produced only when the trio's three musicians combine forces to fearlessly share their inner most distinct musical styles with each other.

Toting the loaded description Sci-Fi Middle Eastern Funk, their sound is a melting pot of Middle Eastern scales, psychedelic jams, and a hard rocking rhythm section. Featuring Gabriel Marin on Fret-Less Double Neck Guitar, John Ferrara on Bass, and Justin Ahiyon on Drums/Percussion, the three musicians cite their influences as including The Bad Plus, The Mahavishnu Orchestra, King Crimson and Tool—but a major source of their musical power can be attributed to a trip the band took to India, where they studied the complex tala (rhythm) of North India, and the micro-tonal scale structure and melodic ornamentations of South India. Guitarist Gabriel Marin, recently highlighted in GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE says, "Our music combines influences from Turkish, Bulgarian, North and South Indian styles with jazz and fusion, and then we filter it through our own heavy rock and psychedelic sounds and approaches."

Over the past two years this progressive trio has toured the United States 7 times over, performing alongside such luminaries as Kris Myers Project (of Umphrey's McGee), Wyclef Jean (of The Fugee's), Klezmer Giant Andy Statman, Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, The Heavy Pets, GE Smith (Saturday Night Live Band), Schleigho and many others. They've appeared on numerous festivals including The Dogwood Festival (NC), PowWow Festival (MD), NYC Fret-Less Guitar Festival, NYC's Howl Festival, the NY Gypsy Festival and the East Village Arts Festival to name a few.

Consider the Source's new album "Are You Watching Closey" is set to expand on their already ethno-infused progressive palette. The new release has already garnered respect from music critics and publications across the country. RELIX MAGAZINE recently listed the trio as a "Band On The Verge" in their August '09 issue. Here's what RELIX had to say about their record release show in NYC: "Instrumental Sci-Fi prog-rockers Consider the Source combine Middle-Eastern twangs.. math-rock riff's....and an array of unworldly effects as they flawlessly groove their way through the intense jams, showcasing their diversity and pushing their instruments to the proverbial limit. Consider the Source demanded the attention of all in the room – which it received." RELIX MAGAZINE (2009)

With the start of the new decade, Consider the Source looks to bring their unique sound to audiences across the globe. 2010 will have the band touring the United States, the Middle East and Turkey including numerous festival appearances. They will release a new studio album alongside a new live CD, plus a special live DVD. In February the band will perform at Bowery Ballroom in New York City.