Volker Strifler Band
Volker Strifler Band Don't let the name throw you! This German-born guitarist-singer plays with a perfect blend of fire and restraint and with the clarity of Duane Allman. Volker Strifler's creative style of Blues/Roots are innovative explorations into Rock, Jazz, and Latin rhythms, with several stops in New Orleans along the way! The pace is fast, often frenetic, sometimes raucous, but the mixture of styles has the feel of controlled turbulence, drawing you into a whirlwind of tightly meshed crosscurrents. Most of all - it's FUN!

He is probably best known as the OTHER guitarist in Robben Ford's band. Though not exactly a household name (yet), Volker Strifler should be. As a longtime associate of the famous Ford brothers (Robben, Patrick and Mark), Strifler has proven his mettle as a guitarist and singer a long time ago and has become increasingly popular on the Northern California circuit as well as regionally and in Europe. He states "My goal is to give the listener a sense of hearing something they won't hear anywhere else." Those requiring any convincing will find all they need in the funky Allman Brothers-like tune "Going to Brownsville" on his new CD Let the Music Rise and then in a nice sway from the gentrification of the Blues, the breezy "Redemption" with its Island strains and all the gusto of a Barenaked Ladies tune, to the slow, New Orleans style blues of "It's Getting Late" and the Beatles-esque take on Fleetwood Mac's "Jigsaw Puzzle Blues".

He has an innate understanding of the language of music. His songwriting and arrangements skillfully communicate that Blues is feeling more than a style, while his compelling, soulful voice conveys the stories in his songs with a sensitivity that connects his audience with the hardships and joys of life's shared experiences. "Volker Strifler is a beautiful singer and a powerful guitarist" states Robben Ford. Strifler takes a risk with a freedom that pushes his musicianship in an innovative direction, drawing from a broad palate of musical color to experiment with the Blues - taking the listener to the outer limits of the genre.

Strifler spent his childhood in Heidelberg Germany and didn't start playing music until he sold his motorcycle at the age of 17 after he, and two friends, decided to start a band. They played a lot of rock & roll (UFO, Scorpions, the Sex Pistols; whatever was happening) on US Army bases. While he has recorded and/or toured with many of the top modern blues artists like Robben Ford, Chris Cain and the Ford Blues Band as well as shared the stage with BB King, Elvin Bishop, and Lowell Fulson, it was an ex-GI, living in Germany that hired him and his fellow band mates as a back up band to play traditional Blues Songs that forever instilled the love of Blues in him. A self taught musician he spent time at the local record and music stores seeking out whatever American Blues he could get his hands on; once moving to the states he continued his education by diving into Jazz, Pop and Americana music.

In 1996 Volker recorded his fledgling solo release titled 'Full Moon' then in 2002 released his eponymous first CD on Blue Rock'It records to great reviews. It is compiled of mostly originals and showcases his talents as a player, singer, and songwriter. The release of his third solo CD 'The Dance Goes On' showed just how gifted Strifler is as a guitar player, singer, songwriter as well as producer. As proof, the CD was added to play lists in numerous radio markets throughout the United States and abroad, including the legendary WWOZ in New Orleans, San Francisco's KPFA, Santa Cruz's KPIG