Twiddle Twiddle has started a frenzy on both coasts with complexities that conjure up Coltrane, Ranglin, and Zappa, yet still embracing the roots of Jam traditions. Finally a group of virtuoso musicians who not only understand climactic build and release, but deliver their intricate compositions night after night to jazz purists and screaming fans, all at the same time. You've got a true cross-over band when parents and their college-age children all go to the same show. Twiddle is a sound that defiantly weaves and dodges through genres. It's three-dimensional music. You can see it from all sides, and even serve it to your guests. It's Twiddle. Tasty.

Ryan Dempsey, ivories, vocals
Brook Jordan, skins, vocals
Zdenek Gubb, low end, vocals
Mihali Savoulidis, axe, vocals