Percy Hill Trio
Percy Hill Trio During the summer of 2005 Percy Hill lead singers Aaron Katz and Joseph Farrell performed at a benefit show for a mutual friend. The two called on Geminatrix’s Patrick Dole to play bass for the acoustic event. The on stage magic of that performance gave way to the beginning of the Percy Hill Trio.

In terms of sound, substance and spirit, the music is put on a level with Sting, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder and Steely Dan; some of the greatest, most enduring and most popular artists of our time.

Singer/songwriter Aaron Katz brings his ultra harmonious tunes with provocative lyrics drenched in colorful imagery and unforgettable hooks. The beautiful melodic harmonies of Katz and Farrell are comparable to the rich rock ‘n’ pop sounds of Simon and Garfunkle.

The Percy Hill Trio showcases stripped down versions of songs from Percy Hill’s 1998 Jammy award winning album “Color In Bloom” and songs from Percy Hill’s most recent release, “After All”. Set lists also include newer songs from Katz’ personal repertory and a divers mix of cover songs drawn from the band’s vast array of influences.