Trio! featuring Bela Fleck
Trio! featuring Bela Fleck Three of music’s most influential groundbreakers are set to break new ground for the first time together. Bassist Stanley Clarke, banjo player Bela Fleck and violinist Jean-Luc Ponty will debut as a trio in the aptly named Trio! for a summer tour that promises to be one of the most exciting musical events in years and genuinely worthy of the group’s exclamation point. “Miles Davis told me once that it takes a lot of courage to be different,” says Clarke, who will play double bass in the acoustic group. “Heads will turn but our fans are so sophisticated and flexible given all we’ve done as individuals that I’m sure they’ll love it. We’re gonna kick butt.” Adds Ponty, “The stimulation of performing with such top musicians is fantastic. Within a couple of minutes of playing together, the music just took off.” Fleck calls the unusual instrumental lineup “an unholy alliance. I’ve never seen it except in combination with a guitar or mandolin. This is cool stuff.” Featuring songs written specifically for the triumvirate by each of the members plus rearrangements of past material, with room to improvise and for each to solo, Trio! brings together three bold and adventurous musical heroes.