Surprise Me Mr. Davis
Surprise Me Mr. Davis Surprise Me Mr. Davis is an electro-folk band comprised of Brad Barr [guitar, vocals], Andrew Barr [drums] and Marc Friedman [bass] of The Slip, and poet/songwriter Nathan Moore [guitar, vocals]. This will be their third tour with this ensemble, which hatched as a studio project during a 2003 blizzard. This tour is also the group's first tour on the West Coast after three successful years playing California's High Sierra Music Festival. The result of the snowed-in sessions was the record Surprise Me Mr. Davis, named after a candid answering machine message from a wrong number. Combining the adventurous musical visions of The Slip with the songwriting and delivery of Nathan Moore has resulted in a rolling and tumbling musical dice game; a vaudeville rock band gone mad.

Surprise Me Mr. Davis ventured into The Breakglass Studio in Montreal for a five-day recording blitzkrieg in early September. Taking a pure analog approach, the group tracked some of their favorite songs from the last couple years as well as a few new ones. The album is a supercharged electro-folk album with many a tender moment. An EP, Only In Montreal, from these recording sessions will be for sale on this West Coast tour.