Crazy Fingers
Crazy Fingers Crazy Fingers performed their first official show at Ultimate Farms on Halloween Night, 10-31-90. The original line-up of the band was: Mike Green (rhythm guitar and vocals), Peter Lavezzoli (drums and vocals), Bubba Newton (bass), and Al Zilinsky (lead guitar). The band performed regularly during the Fall and Winter of 1990 and their weekly shows enabled the band to develop a core following in and around South Florida. In the Spring of 1991 Al left the band and was replaced by David Harris on lead guitar, vocals, and occasionally keyboards. Crazy Fingers continued to build its local fan base by playing weekly shows and expanding their repertoire.

In the Summer of 1992, Dave left the band and was replaced by Craig Woloshin on lead guitar and vocals. Lisa Johnston also began singing as a guest vocalist with the band, in the spirit of Donna Godchaux. In the Summer of 1993 Mike and Lisa left the band which opened the doors for Corey Dwyer, who joined the band as rhythm guitarist, keyboardist, and vocalist. In the Fall of 1993, Craig Woloshin left the band and was replaced by Rich Friedman on lead guitar and vocals. The band began appearing around the state of Florida, opening for national acts, and writing original music. In the Summer of 1998 Josh Foster joined the band on keyboards and vocals, completing the line-up. In the summer of 1999 Josh left the band and the search for another keyboard player began. After a long hard look for someone to fill the position, the band brought on board their good friend Alan Martinke. In January of 2002, Alan left the band to pursue other interests and Josh returned to the Crazy Fingers band completing the lineup.

The band has played over 2000 live shows to thousands of people all over the State of Florida. Performing locally on a weekly basis along with our Statewide shows has enabled us to build a loyal following, as well as a reputation nationwide as South Florida's premiere Grateful Dead tribute band.

Crazy Fingers had the honor and pleasure of sharing the stage with such acts as The Band, Ziggy Marley, The Neville Brothers, Little Feat, The Radiators, Merl Saunders, Zero, J.G.B., Frogwings, Jefferson Starship, Dark Star Orchestra, Everything,as well as such Veteran musicians as Buddy Cage, David Gans, Vince Welnick (the Tubes-the Grateful Dead), and Ed Volker (N.O.Radiators).

The band's 2nd CD, Strange Life, is available here on our website. A long time coming, this CD is a blend of several different styles of music including Rock, Latin,Country, Bluegrass, Folk, and Blues. The variety of musical influences that we share make for some interesting sounds and we look forward to sharing them with all of you.