Dispatch Reunites - First Indie Band To Sell Out MSG

After three years, Dispatch will reunite for two benefit shows billed as Dispatch: Zimbabwe. The concerts will be held at New York's famed Madison Square Garden on July 13 and 14, 2007. All of the proceeds will go towards fighting disease, famine, and social injustice in Zimbabwe. Tickets for Dispatch: Zimbabwe went on an exclusive Myspace.com pre-sale Wednesday, January 10 and sold out in 30 minutes. A second night, July 13 was added to accommodate fans. Dispatch: Zimbabwe has already made history, making Dispatch the first independent band to sell out Madison Square Garden.

All tickets for the July 14 show are sold out, there are only a handful of tickets left for the July 13 show. The band is working to book more dates in July.


[Published on: 1/10/07]

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Luthur starstarstarstar Thu 1/11/2007 11:18AM
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Ok. Finally. I saw this yesterday. I feel I'm somewhat learned in the jam world... It seems like I heard of these guys back in the day... but really, who the hell are they? 2 sellouts of MSG? Impressive. I assume they were some big college touring band back in the day?

sativa Thu 1/11/2007 11:21AM
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more than likely it is the theatre at madison square garden. i highly boubt they sold out the arena!

nfenne Thu 1/11/2007 11:28AM
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I gave a guitar demonstration at a high school last month and a bunch of the kids were asking me if I knew any Dispatch. I had no idea who they were either... just vaguely remember hearing about them.

It does appear that they really did sell out MSG.

iamzero starstarstarstarstar Thu 1/11/2007 11:41AM
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yeah they're a college rock band. frat kids love dispatch.

OzzieSmith Thu 1/11/2007 11:44AM
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I had no idea that they were making a come back. Had I did I would be at those shows. If you have never heard them check out their live album. Sorry I am not sure of the name of it. I believe it is a recording of their final show. Anyway it is fucking awesome in my opinion and am stoked about their return. Hopefully they make it to the midwest.

Guanoskimer starstar Thu 1/11/2007 11:58AM
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i personally think dispatch sucks real hard. Either way I guess it's pretty cool what they are doing, although it'd be nice if people could think of original charity benefit ideas. Widespread is much more creative in a time where everyone likes to just be hip by donating money to Africa. I'd like it if Bono would be quiet for five seconds.

jahrome17 starstar Thu 1/11/2007 12:09PM
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I always thought they wrote some good songs, but they get so old after about three songs. As a band, I think they are weak, but they have their moments I suppose.

They sold out because they have wide appeal with high school and college age kids, and chicks dig them too. Kind of like OAR.

phunkle Thu 1/11/2007 12:10PM
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I had also never heard of these guys so I went to their website to check em out. Can't speak for a live show but the music on their site sounds great. For them to sell out MSG so fast the live show must be pretty damn good. Anywho, if you're unfamiliar go to their site- you can listen to all of their albums.

peaton Thu 1/11/2007 12:29PM
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I can't knock these guys too hard because they're from around boston. They used to play high schools around my area and they weren't bad. They gained popularity really fast and I wound up going to their "last" show a few years ago with thousands of other people. The band State Radio is pretty much the exact same band as Dispatch, but just under another name. I guess this is big news, especially in my area, but I just have one question..... Why not Phish instead?

hatfieldsbro Thu 1/11/2007 12:29PM
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peaton Thu 1/11/2007 12:31PM
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oh, and Bang, Bang is their best album

peaton Thu 1/11/2007 12:32PM
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uh-oh, looks like hatfieldsbro is an OAR fan

BRabbit Thu 1/11/2007 12:34PM
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Dispatch is a great band no need to hate on them and i assure you frat boys do not love them more of a younger crowd. They played a free show in Boston two years back and i feel that more than 80,000 showed up for it, i could be wrong but that was the stat one of my friends gave me. anyways if you like dispatch check out
State radio some of the same members are in it.

Guanoskimer starstarstar Thu 1/11/2007 12:41PM
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im gonna see what hatsfieldbleh is rappin' about. I do think jambase has gone downhill lately, especially concerning jam cred. so let's see what's goin down at jambands.com

mr2bits Thu 1/11/2007 01:24PM
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From what I see, as of the moment Jambands.com hasn't published a show review since 12/17/06, so that particular criticism doesn't really seem fair.

Benzino starstarstarstarstar Thu 1/11/2007 01:46PM
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They're last show was free and 100,000 people showed up....and thats without ever signing a record contract. At least give a little credit where its deserved.

PattyK Thu 1/11/2007 01:56PM
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Good for them, I think this is a pretty amazing story!

MusicIsGood Thu 1/11/2007 02:18PM
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Peaton, State Radio is not just Dispatch with a new name. Its ONE member of dispatch, Chad, and a brand new band. It started as a side project and when the band broke up it became his main band. They are completely different than Dispatch, and in my opinion, better. Its amazing political Reggae Rock. www.stateradio.com

Guanoskimer, Dispatch has been helping Zimbabwe since before their first album came out more than 10 years ago. Chad spent a lot of time over there before dispatch was even dispatch. Their song "Elias" is about a family in Zimbabwe. So...I don't think Bono is influencing everyone as much as you think.

Give Dispatch a chance. They are much deeper than OAR and a much better band. Nobody is saying they are a jamband. They are just a great indy rock band thats different than anything you've heard. You can still love the dead, phish and all the other jambands...there's no rule that says you can't like Dispatch and jambands.

willm1 Thu 1/11/2007 02:44PM
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in my opinion dispatch sucks. studio albums arent that bad but live is terrible. i bought a live album with 2 cds and a dvd. i was laughing out loud when i watched the dvd it was so lame. worst "jamband" on earth they cant jam worth a shit. sorry to be so negative i guess if they sold out msg people like them which is cool, but i definately wont be there

Iloveitall starstarstarstarstar Thu 1/11/2007 04:13PM
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I have to say that al the "they aren't a jamband, why are they this site" talk is almost unreal. Why does a band have to be a JamBand to be on JamBase? If I have learned anything growing up seeing Phish for 13 years, its that there was so much more music out there that I missed because I was so narrow minded for so long. Pavement, Nirvana and all the great music of the early and late nineties fell on deaf ears because of of the fact that all I cared about was one genre. What a mistake. Any of the bands you all love will tell you how they are influenced by artists you never have even heard of.

For what is supposed to be an open minded community in the "Jam World" I have experiened more hate and negativity here than any other music site out there.

I love that the people at JamBase are expanding there reach and including all great live musid. You dont have to love it all, but at least respect the fact that someone else may. Its all about listening to new music, seeing live music and enjoying yourselves at the same time.

Hope some of that made sense.

jerryil star Thu 1/11/2007 04:14PM
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Mr. 2 bits......... there are several articles published in January at jambands. What the hell are you looking at?

Guanoskimer starstarstar Thu 1/11/2007 04:53PM
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jcohen, yeah man I was mostly talking out of my ass haha, my bad. That's cool that they've been philanthropists from the start and I think I should probably give them more credit considering all this talk about their last show having 100,000 fans at it. I in no way believe that every piece of news on jambase should concern strictly jambands, if anyone thought i was saying that. I mean, I'm a hardcore fan of The Slip, Band of Horses, My Morning Jacket, Ted leo, and all sorts of other indie bands. I just wouldn't neccesarily say that Dispatch is a very talented band, but we are all entitled to our own opinions.

siripiper Thu 1/11/2007 05:20PM
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"...although it'd be nice if people could think of original charity benefit ideas. Widespread is much more creative in a time where everyone likes to just be hip by donating money to Africa. I'd like it if Bono would be quiet for five seconds."

C'mon are you fucking serious. Africa needs much more support than they are getting. That's why there is such an effort to bring attention and aid to this area. Sorry if Africa's not a hip enough cause in your books bro. It's funny how cynical these boards are. I admit I'm not a Dispatch or BNL fan, but this site posted articles on how these band are using their popularity to generate money for good causes and everyone trashes them. Give credit where credit is due. Dispatch could have pocketed the profits from these shows and each bought themselves some gold and ice for their grills. I also like that Jambase is expanding thier coverage on music and informing us of positive movements.

Guanoskimer starstarstar Thu 1/11/2007 06:00PM
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I'm mostly talking about all this RED product bullshit for africa. The red ipods and stuff, it seems mostly like a way for companies to get more people to buy their product thinking they are giving a lot of money to aid africa. It's like, why don't the people just donate the money directly to African aid projects instead of getting themselves luxuries like an iPod. Trust me, I give money to organizations as often as I can.

siripiper Thu 1/11/2007 06:57PM
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I agree with you on that man. Next thing will be a red hummer for charity. In my opinion, with all of the crap that's going on right now on in the world, when an article like gets posted we shouldn't drag it down with negitivity. When I think about the "jam community", I think of the positive attitudes of the people I have come in contact with at the shows over the years. I hate to see posts that rip on bands that are in the news for good deeds. I don't care if someone can fart on a snear drum and make better music, the point is they have good intentions. Oh yeah, and if anyone can hold a good beat farting on a snear drum, hola back. I think we can start a band.

shonuff starstarstarstar Thu 1/11/2007 06:59PM
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Man oh man, I didnt realize that Dispatch was so popular. Well it's cool that these guys are actually trying to do something about a problem, while other bands just talking about helping other people. Anyone know why these guys called it quits to begin with?

Guanoskimer starstarstar Thu 1/11/2007 07:02PM
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siripiper, yer absolutely right. Negativity just gets the worst of me when I'm near the end of the semester haha.

Luthur Thu 1/11/2007 08:14PM
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Jahrome17 - I read about 1/2 way through your post and thought, "oh, this would be O.A.R. if they came out in the early 90s" and then you wrote that right after I thought of it. Comedy. Thanks for the info!

mr2bits Thu 1/11/2007 08:19PM
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I was looking specifically under "Show Reviews". No doubt there have been articles published in January, but hatfieldsbro was talking specifically about the lack of New Years show reviews on Jambase, when there arent't any to be found on Jambands.com. Jambands.com has a lot of news stubs, but no show reviews for January. There are enough legit criticisms of Jambase (censorship, corporate influence) for them to correct without adding unfair ones.

I read both sites. I gotta say as far as the show reviews, quality-wise, jambands.com is better, and its not really even close. But for good information on upcoming shows, nothing beats the Jambase search engine.

Now if they would just get over whatever behind-the scenes grudge is going on between them and The Spirit of the Suwannee. Its been well over a year and counting since they've paid the venue ANY attention (review or lineup announcement), whether it be for Wanee, Spring, or Magnolia Fest. (This rant is here because Jambands.com posted the initial Wanee lineup 3 days ago)

And I'm with Siripiper. If Justin Timberlake put on an event to help out those less fortunate than you and I, I'd have no problem with Jambase giving him free publicity.

alfrescoesquire starstarstarstarstar Thu 1/11/2007 09:18PM
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Forgive me in advance but I cant keep silent on this one, it hits too close to home.

Word to all with positive energy and good intentions, looks like this band (that I have never heard of) is trying to do something meaningful with their talents. Props to Jambase for posting this article, and others like it, for nothing else than the inspiration it might ignite in its readers. Down with the negative vibes, its not good for the environment or your souls kids.

For anyone that thinks 'Africa' has become cliche and mainstream - get a passport, buy a plane ticket, bring a tent, and an open mind. Walk around in a new an unfamiliar place and you just might see that the rest of the world is not just like 'Merica'. Trust me, I was blinded by the American 'bubble' for 24 years, but when you get your ass out on the road you start to see things differently. (Im not tryin to preach, Im just tryin to reach) I just returned from Africa this week and I only visited one country, Kenya, and the list of problems I saw there has changed me and my outlook about myself and the world I live in. There are still problems in Africa besides the HIV/AIDS epidemic and most likely always will be, but if we all stand up together and do as much as we can, we just might make a difference. Talking down on a bands 'talent' becasue one thinks they suck at jamming, while they are intentionally raising money for charity is something that doesn't settle well with me at all. The next time you are lost in the moment at a show, feeling like you have never felt before, being spiritually lifted to another dimension because of music, stop and think about the children in Africa who have no parents and no where to go and no food to eat. They will never have the chance to be where you are, much less go on tour, the only option I saw for children like this in Kenya......they walk around the cities all day huffin glue from dirty glass bottles in view of John Q. Public. Sorry to rant, but that shit cut me to the bone when I saw it goiong down right in front of my eyes for three weeks straight. Keep the light shining bright people, dont block it out with negative vibes. Im out!




Be thankful for all the blessings of life, especially live music and LOVE.


dogphishhead Thu 1/11/2007 09:19PM
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First off, please dont compare them to O.A.R. OAR are a bunch of sell out pansies. Dispatch never signed to a major record and they all kick ass at all instruments and rotate (or should i say rotated) at shows. Their last show was free in boston and drew over 110,000 people. They broke up because they started to think maybe they were in it for the wrong reasons. but now they are back with two shows that 100% go to charity. how can you bash that?

peaceanlove Thu 1/11/2007 11:21PM
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The main reason I joined this website was for the music connection and to learn about new artists. I've got to say though that I'm just a little dissapointed with some of the harsh reviews about Dispatch. I am full on into the jam band scene and have 3 siblings well into their 30s that bought me dead albums before I could even talk. I just want to say that you should get to know these guys and their dedication to their fans before knocking these guys. Everyone clearly has the right to their own opinions and this is just me voicing mine. Just to correct the numbers, the hatch shell concert was home to more than 110,000 fans. Pretty impressive if you ask me. They had people from all over the world attend that show. Not only was it an incredible display of musical talent, but it was a culture, a dedication and a community. It may seem like Dispatch fans are all college kids and high schoolers, but what's wrong with that? Perhaps you should check them out and their cause and I reccomend seeing the video from the Hatch Shell. I'm yet to see their documentary but I can't wait to. We are all here for the music, the good times we share with friends attending live shows and the good feeling we get before, after and during the performance. There are plenty of bands on here you could say are not jambands. If you're not a fan of them, aright cool no worries, there is plenty more music out there for everyone.

On a side note, to the people knocking their cause, I don't like to judge, but I mean c'mon, you can't compare writing a check and sending it across the globe to what they are doing. And for anyone who does support charities such as this one, power to you, I know I don't do enough. If you knew a little more about Braddigan and Chad, you would know how dedicated they are towards persuing a better life in places that need the help.

I don't want to offend anyone in this post, I'm just another wanderer giving her two cents. And to Dispatch, I'll be there on the 14th with 8 of my friends ready to hear what you have to say...

peace and love to everyone

Nat1182 Fri 1/12/2007 08:51AM
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i just want to say that i think its f'n lame that you could only get tickets on Myspace for that first night. myspace!

Benzino Fri 1/12/2007 09:30AM
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Amen to that Nat1182. IdRatherPanic, yeah I can't stand OAR but I have to disagree on one aspect. I love Dispatch, but I wouldn't go as far as to call them amazing musicians. Yes they rotated during shows and even on albums but none of the three members is mind-blowing at any of their instruments. But that's the beauty of Disptach. Very seldom do I find a band...well i'll say it like this...it's very uncommon for me to find a band that can make so much out of so little. (make any sense?)There is a chemistry between the three, an unselfish demeanor that allows each to lay their influence on every song. They come off as sloppy college/garage indy-rock but when you consider lyrical content to harmonies to the simple yet throbbing guitar riffs....maybe not you, but I gotta love em. They just got that vibe that if you allow it, will leave its stamp on you. Yeah they have the poor reputation of being frat band but college gigs is where they made it. They traveled all over in a busted econoline van. Plus on top of that, as most of you have said, this is a website oriented for the love of music without a particualr genre. And for all those worried about motives and "purest" of bands...these guys are nothing short of noble.

z man starstarstarstar Fri 1/12/2007 10:03AM
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I remember dispatch playing at party's some years ago. Didn't mind it a bit. Good vibes

ivers265 starstarstarstar Fri 1/12/2007 11:29AM
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I must say that I am a big Dispatch fan and the Dispatch story is a truly amazing one. I'll be the first to say that they are not the most talented musicians out there, but they somehow manage to make great music that people love to hear. It took me awhile to appreciate their music. The most amazing thing about them is that there were together for about 8 years, never signed to a record label, and managed to draw over 110,000 fans to their final show. This was the single largest event in independent music history. I would highly reccomend watching their documentary dvd, The Last Dispatch.
As far as Dispatch: Zimbabwe goes, I think this is a great charitable effort. You shouldn't knock these guys for trying to help out the needy, especially when they could make millions off these few concerts. They've already scheduled a third show for Sunday July 15th, which will likely sell out when tickets go on sale January 20th.

Guanoskimer star Sat 1/13/2007 09:26AM
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Since JamBase hasn't put it up on the news section yet, Widespread Panic announced the details of their Spring 07 tour on Thursday. Check their website if you want the details. It sure is a good thing that JamBase didn't put that up in the news section, not even 2 days after the news was announced.

Samzo Sat 1/13/2007 11:59AM
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rzrsk8 starstarstarstarstar Sat 1/13/2007 10:25PM
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Just a quick word about this band. They are seriously probably the most down-to-earth, in-it-for-all-the-right-reasons band you'll ever see or hear of. I found out about them through a friend only after they disbanded, but I definitely would have traveled to Boston to see their last show had I been a fan back then.

Just this fall I saw State Radio at Landmark Theatre in Syracuse for the first time. As stated already in this discussion, State Radio is Chad Urmston's new band, which he put a full-time effort into since Dispatch called it quits. All three guys in Dispatch could probably have easily been rich had they chosen to stay together or even just sign with the majors at some earlier point in their career - any band that can draw 110,000 people to their last show probably would be rich.

Well anyway, after the show - they were opening for Matisyahu (keep discussion of him out of here for the sake of everyone, please haha) - my friend and I head out to State Radio's merch table while Kenny Muhammed (the Human Orchestra, a crazy beatboxer doing a 45-minute set), and Chad is out there with maybe 2 or 3 people there helping his girlfriend sell shirts and signing anything and talking to the few fans of State Radio and/or Dispatch who recognized him. A dude that, less than 2 years ago, was playing the largest concert in independent music history now selling merch along with his girlfriend after opening for Matisyahu (who's probably never played for more than a couple thousand). And on top of that, as soon as you walk up he introduces himself, asks your name, kindly signed anything you wanted and was basically chilling with a few fans.

Maybe I'm crazy and should learn to expect more out of people, but shit - going from playing a show for 110,000 people, there solely to see you and 2 other guys rock out for a few hours - to selling merch with your girlfriend after a supporting act at a show with maybe 1000 people - that tells me you're in it for all the right reasons. And from what I hear, it's stuff like that that made Dispatch so popular (along with, of course, pretty unique and lyrically significant music). And I think the fact they've now sold out two straight nights at MSG and will surely sell out a third speaks volumes for the loyalty of their fanbase.

All Points Bulletin is the CD recording their last concert. Highly recommended if you are just hearing of Dispatch for the first time...also, to anyone in or around NYC, the energy that will almost surely be brought to those MSG shows should be worth the $40 ticket alone (for the Sunday show, tickets on sale Saturday). 17,000 people will basically know the words to every song they play, and the band will surely have the crowd involved in the show.

rzrsk8 starstarstarstarstar Sat 1/13/2007 10:32PM
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Oh, and anyone who compares these guys to OAR, or thinks they are just following Bono's lead throwing money at Africa, you couldn't be more wrong. Their very first CD, Silent Steeples (which is also my favorite of their studio releases), they are singing about so many things (as one person said, Elias is about a family they met in Zimbabwe). And OAR - please. OAR is generally equated with "sell out", Dispatch is equated with exactly the opposite.

And for people that are maybe jsut buying a song or two to sample off of iTunes or whatever, "The General" on All Points Bulletin is pretty much a perfect example of the energy that will be at that MSG show. 110,000 people singing probably their most popular song for about a minute in the middle of the song.

jahrome17 Sun 1/14/2007 11:04AM
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Just to clear things up, when I compared dispatch to OAR, I was talking more about their main fan base, which unfortunately is prodominantly a younger crowd.

As far as sound goes, they do have some minor similarities, but Dispatch clearly writes better and more interesting songs. I just personally find their live appearances a bit boring (bought the live album with two discs and live DVD). But I do love some of their songs.

If you like Dispatch, Brad has a solo career (as "Braddigan"), and has a decent backing band with a SICK percussionist (he plays mostly guitar). That's worth checking out - he plays at a lot of small and inexpensive venues. He plays some Dispatch but mainly his own solo stuff, which is actually quite good.

killerheadies starstarstarstarstar Sun 1/14/2007 08:54PM
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Gut The Van...E factory in the illadelph

Great CD

And yes OAR should not even be mentioned with Dispatch. OAR is lame, Dispatch had talent

dudeski3 Mon 1/15/2007 10:54AM
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It's true. OAR is a ridiculously overrated band. Dispatch rocks the house, I'm going on the 14th and I hope they bring the jam...probably not though. Whatver happens it will be a great show.

MusicIsGood Wed 1/17/2007 07:30AM
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bottom line, check out the music. Its on their website www.dispatchmusic.com . if you like it, you like it...

joolzen1 Mon 1/22/2007 10:22AM
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oar sucks balls

Kelnuts Tue 1/30/2007 01:18AM
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Ugh, the never ending OAR/ Dispatch dispute. They're two separate bands... like snow flakes or fingerprints... they're not the same. Stop categorizing all together and we can all get along. Just enjoy the show (and what a great cause!)

Benzino Wed 2/7/2007 07:23AM
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I just want to end this forum with one last BOOOO for OAR.

:-) much love peoples