Bela Fleck & Jeff Coffin - Photo by Dave Vann

Annabel Lukins aka Julie McCoy (Jam Cruise)

1. Watching Bela Fleck and the Flecktones unite together on stage for the first time in 13 months. Jeff Coffin was a special guest last year on Jam Cruise 3… and he got it instantaneously. We started talking immediately afterwards and knew that getting the Flecktones on board would be an extremely powerful reunion. Not too much convincing was necessary and thus, a band I have been seeing for over 15 years played with comfort and gratitude on stage and I had something to do with it.

2. Joining the Brain Damaged Eggmen and many of my peers and favorite musicians on the pool deck stage for a universal sing-along of "Na Na Na" during "Hey Jude" to close their Beatles set. It was a pretty spectacular moment to be on stage, watching the crowd, looking to my left and right, knowing that this was one of the coolest collaborations that Jam Cruise musicians have ever created.

3. The Koala – I'm pretty little and when I give hugs, people like to pick me up, so I sometimes give straddle hugs and wrap my arms and legs around someone. I did that with Skerik at some point and he said, "We've got to take that on stage while I'm playing." Thus the Koala was named. I knew he was sitting in with Galactic during the last set on the cruise, so when I saw him beforehand, we decided the Koala had to be done. So I wrapped myself around him, he put his sax in his mouth and off we went on stage. I held on tight and he went into a STOOPID jam with Ben Ellman and Cheme. It was so surreal, I kept looking at Stanton who I was facing and cracking up, then Skerik turned me around so I was facing the crowd. At one point, he dipped me so that I was upside down looking at the crowd WHILE HE WAS PLAYING. It was a CLASSIC moment in my life and apparently a real hit…especially with Les Claypool who said it was one the funniest things he's ever seen.

Keller Williams - Photo by Dave Vann

Marc Ross, Rock the Earth

1. Jamroom, late night 3 with Hollingsworth, Hann, Rodney Holmes, Jeff Coffin, Karl Denson, Brian Carey, Ben Bernstein, Jeff Miller, Ross Martin, Bo Carper, and others.

Michael Franti - Photo by Michael Weintrob

2. Michael Franti's private show for the Clean Vibes kids and crew in the trashroom. He didn't have to do it, but after meeting the kids and hearing about why and how Rock the Earth brought them on-board, he generously took time out to play a midnight mini-set for them and the regular midnight shift crew in the hot and smelly trash room. Then, just before screening his movie, he made the Clean Vibes kids stand up and take a standing ovation. Rock the Earth, the organization behind the greening effort on Jam Cruise 4, insisted that Clean Vibes be brought on board when, just six weeks ago, it found out that there is no recycling on the MSC Lirica. Clean Vibes, a for-profit concert and festival clean-up company, generously donated their services for free and all 4 Clean Vibers paid their own way to get to and from Ft. Lauderdale. Jam Cruise donated a cabin for Clean Vibes and Rock the Earth's Greening Jam Cruise Project.

3. Brain Damaged Eggman Project -- The Beatles set was sick, sick, sick.

4. The Greening Project -- Not only did we raise the bar by raising over $18,000 from the charity auction, but implemented a new educational aspect to Jam Cruise, hosting a private wine-tasting and panel discussion on "Social Change Through Music." The panel was led by RtE Executive Director, Marc Ross, and featured Victor Wooten and Future Man (Flecktones), Michael Travis (SCI), Matt Butler (Everyone Orchestra), Bo Carper and Jeff Miller (New Monsoon) and David Weissmann (Musical Earth).

Billy & Jilian Nershi with Everyone Orchestra - Photo by Dave Vann


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