Earthdance: STS9, Galactic

Earthdance | 09.25 - 09.27 | Laytonville, CA

Three day Camp Out Celebration for World Peace and Unity, set amidst a beautiful old growth oak forest, featuring five stages of entertainment uniting jam band, world, conscious lyricism, electronica, reggae and folk. Also featuring Global Artisans Market, Late Night Cinema, Healing Village, Kidlandia, Speakers Forum, Activist Alley, Workshops, All Night Music Caf├ęs and much more.

The initial lineup includes headliners STS9 and Galactic.

Initial Lineup Includes:

Balkan Beat Box
Sly & Robbie
Lyrics Born
Pnuma Trio
Many more acts to be added...

Discount Early Bird Tickets available here for $135.

[Published on: 4/1/09]

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PunkJazz Wed 4/1/2009 09:11AM
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jacoyle1 Wed 4/1/2009 09:23AM
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sounds like an awesome time

so cheap and I love some Pnuma Trio !


editty Wed 4/1/2009 09:24AM
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mmmm....That makes no sense ^^

shaka1 starstarstarstarstar Wed 4/1/2009 11:02AM
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Benjamin Human Wed 4/1/2009 11:28AM
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This benefits the earth how?

angelsfear Wed 4/1/2009 11:45AM
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nickname starstar Wed 4/1/2009 11:45AM
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This is not a cheap festival... I remember the first bonnaroo being this expensive and everyone at the time complaining and/or saying fuck it and sneaking in... ticket prices have gotten out of control and the people willing to pay outrageous prices for tickets are even further out of control...

BGA1 Wed 4/1/2009 11:50AM
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^^I've been saying it all along. BOBOLINK!

Jeff Kash Wed 4/1/2009 02:00PM
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Jeff Kash

Not bad, except for BLVD. The rapper sucks pretty bad...

technopagan Wed 4/1/2009 02:40PM
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and why isn't "$&#*$&^@" playing?!??!?

Really though, this thing looks all right, tribe is everywhere right now.

Jenny Jen Wed 4/1/2009 06:04PM
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Jenny Jen


echo tribe Wed 4/1/2009 07:35PM
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Sly & Robbie ..... wtf? Trust me when i say that Sly has no business at a fest like this and I give it a 50/50 chance that he takes the stage... The man Is just nutz.....

echo tribe Wed 4/1/2009 07:43PM
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As for BLVD, they were a great band for all the warehouse parties in Oakland and SF years ago but now with souleye, I think they suck. They were a kickass live house music band. I saw them a few months ago in Chicago and left after about 40 min, we could not understand a word he was saying and now they are just a different band from where they started... oh well...Imho...

alienscape Wed 4/1/2009 09:15PM
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The high price of festie tickets is a direct result of the extreme DEVALUATION of the U.S. Dollar currently taking place. Business is not good at all these days. I work in the tool & die industry, which means we make shit for customers all across the board, from automobile to telecomunications to personal grooming to downhole drilling, etc. etc. etc. Many people are have been laid off in the past few months and business is SLUGGISH at best. Look for our tyrannical gov't to eventually push for North American currency and say goodbye to your sovereignty USA. The dollar = DOOMED.

alienscape Wed 4/1/2009 09:16PM
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btw, Galactic + Lyrics Born = killer colaboration!

Mr_McDankenstein Thu 4/2/2009 01:02AM
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Benjamin, I think that the earth is probably somehow being helped through the non-stop dance party of which this will be?

Benjamin Human Thu 4/2/2009 05:39AM
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jamjamjamjamjam Thu 4/2/2009 09:42AM
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Why is it that so many "jam band" fans are such haters. I notice this all the time on jambase. I hate this band or this band sucks ect... Hate, hate, hate, hate. All over message boards, not just jambase. That is not the kind of attitude that the artists have so why do the fans? Maybe instead of putting people down for doing what they love, u should find something you like to do so people can tell you how much u suck at it.

jamjamjamjamjam Thu 4/2/2009 10:01AM
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Btw, that comment was only directed to people who are not constructive and just talk sh*t. I understand that everybody is entitled to their own opinion. Just don't be mean.

RedHeaven Tue 4/7/2009 07:48PM
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I notice that all the time on a lot of different kinds of websites. People are just free to be mean on the intrawebs. Its not just jam fans.

I personally really dig Souleye w/ BLVD, 90% of the time. I think these guys are pretty cool and I like Souleyes flow. Have only seen them a couple of times though.

I can never make it to this fest because I cant afford things between Burning Man and Las Tortugas, but I always have wanted to go. I just prefer the more granite feeling of festin' in the Sierras as opposed to the coastal area of CA. I have heard nothing but great things about Earthdance, but I dont think I could ever choose it over High Sierra. I guess I prefer the N'awlins vibe to the more hip hop thing. Wish I could do both. Im loving the way sts9 sounds right now, they seem to of gotten out of a quirky gimmicky funk and are laying down the future solid freak show after seeing Sat night at the Fillmore.