AOD NYE in Northampton

Assembly of Dust New Year's Eve in Northampton, MA

Assembly of Dust
Assembly of Dust has confirmed that it will ring in 2009 with headlining spots at one of the Northeast's premier venues, Northampton's, Pearl Street Nightclub. The Brew will be opening for AOD on both 12/30 and 12/31. This announcement comes on the tail end of what has been a short but well received fall tour, culminating with a performance at Burlington Vermont's Higher Ground where Mike Gordon joined the band for three songs.

Hotel Packages will be available at Northampton's Quality Inn, located less than a mile from the venue. Special rates are being offered for those who are attending the shows. Ticket bundles are also available here.

[Published on: 10/15/08]

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RothburyWithCheese starstarstarstarstar Wed 10/15/2008 06:13PM
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These guys rock! One of the most underated bands in music.

Muffinman1 Wed 10/15/2008 08:09PM
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yeah, these guys are great. Too bad I'll be at MSG that particular night. This should be a really good show though.

DrumJam24 Wed 10/15/2008 08:19PM
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will nate wilson be playing with them? i heard he only plays part time now. bummer cause he's really talented and makes this band what it is along with reed's songwriting.

Mark Price former NBA star Wed 10/15/2008 08:30PM
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Mark Price former NBA star

AOD kicks ass.

phishmanxx starstarstarstarstar Thu 10/16/2008 04:34AM
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unsure about nate.....he said he was more or less done after their brief fall tour (website news, i didn't actually talk to him!). on a side note, do yourself a favor and download or buy his new disc, Nate Wilson Group, Unbound. Very tight. Includes Adam Terrell on guitar. They are touring as well, so check them out. Very different, almost haunting in someways, but I cannot take it out of my disc changer.

As for NYE....will have to pass, but for all those who go, enjoy, oughta be a blast.

peaton Thu 10/16/2008 06:12AM
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Best band that not enough people know about. AOD has never let me down and Reid pretty much has the voice of an angel. One of the few "jambands" left that keep it strictly rock, not electronic. Its cool that gordo sat in with them too!

peaton Thu 10/16/2008 06:17AM
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And phishman, I agree, Nate Wilson group disc is great, you can get it for free on their website too. "Justify" is my favorite track, but if Nate doesn't tour with them, are they gettin a new keyboard player?

icculus2811 Thu 10/16/2008 07:44AM
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Got to see Nate Wilson at GOTV this summer and was pleased. Great album/band/show indeed. Back on topic, I'd love to spend NYE with AOD. They are so good I'd hug them like Chuck Mangione hugs his horn...

SCIRGR84EVS Thu 10/16/2008 08:26AM
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Nice. AOD is always good times. And yes, Nate will be there too.

rizzoe.thephish Thu 10/16/2008 08:29AM
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The Brew and AOD NYE... Fuck Yea

‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^› {¬¿¬} starstarstarstarstar Thu 10/16/2008 09:59AM
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‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^›      {¬¿¬}

Reid is a FANTASTIC singer songwriter. once you learn his tunes, you will be addicted.

rworb starstarstarstarstar Thu 10/16/2008 11:30AM
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can't wait for another NYE with AOD. Really hope Nate will be there also, nothing like a 10 min key solo in the middle of Speculator to ring in the new year!

agree with some of the others, never understood why these guys didn't take off - maybe the new album coming out early next year will help.

Here's the link to the Gordo/Burlington show:

And the Paradise from the night before - Soundboard quality!:

rworb Thu 10/16/2008 11:57AM
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anyone know how many people this venue holds?


shinjuku starstarstarstarstar Thu 10/16/2008 08:19PM
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futhepharmer starstarstarstarstar Thu 10/16/2008 09:16PM
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Totally agree. Nate Wilson Groups new album "Unbound" is one of the most interesting CD's to come along in a while. Shades of Pink Floyd. The album is absolutely amazing. first time I heard it, I put on the headphones and didn't stop till the whole album was over. Then I listened again. A must hear for any fan, not just fans of AOD.

AOD, by the way, are just one of the most consistantly incredible bands around. Tight songwriting and some of the sweetest vocals you'll ever hear, as Reid indeed has the voice of an angel. How they never blew up is astounding to me. Assembly of Dust is one of the most underated bands around. If you've never seen them, do yourself a favor and check 'em out.................and they JAM!

Jeff Kash starstarstarstarstar Fri 10/17/2008 08:29AM
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Jeff Kash

This show will rage!! Stop by the Tunnel Bar, across from Pearl St Nightclub.. place has some ridiculously strong drinks and a very chill atmosphere. (leather couches, chairs, candle-lit, jazz playing)

Jeff Kash starstarstarstarstar Fri 10/17/2008 08:30AM
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Jeff Kash

futhepharmer i couldn't agree with your comments much more on this one! You summed it up perfectly, man.

TraderDan (djc) Mon 11/3/2008 06:31PM
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TraderDan (djc)

Love AOD and had killer time with them and the Montbleau Band last New Year's, and I agree with all the Mustachios here raving about Nate's new band and album. Granted I'm a little biased, but Unbound has been on repeat ever since September. I sure hope winds up playing the NYE shows with AOD, but contrary to SCIRGR84EVS's assurance, I know for a fact that right now Nate is not scheduled to be joining them. Then again, I also happen to know that there's a perfectly good chance that may change... we'll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, listen to Unbound.