Sat Eye Candy: Radiohead


Yeah, we miss 'em already, too. With Radiohead's 2008 tour winding up next month in Japan, we turn our weekend Eye towards England's finest post-modern rock sons. The intensity and depth of a Radiohead concert is a thing unto itself, a chance for happy shattering, a moment to participate in rather than just another show. But, they also make some damn fine live music, and with that in mind, we offer up ten killer diller examples of the band at their finest.

We kick it off with a lovely reading of "Life In A Glasshouse" from BBC's Later With Jools Holland. This version features slightly woozy Dixieland horns led by recently departed BBC broadcaster and jazz booster Humphrey Lyttelton.

The swoony mood continues with this sultry take on "How To Disappear Completely."

Dig this goddamn sexy, tribal thumping "There There" at the 2003 Glastonbury Festival.

And here's an acoustic version of "There There" with just Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood captured at Electric Lady Studio. It's a testament to the elasticity and enduring quality of their songcraft that no matter the setting the tunes sparkle.

"Bodysnatchers" ranks amongst their best recent work, and this performance at the Main Square Festival in France earlier this year has some real flesh in its teeth.

From the band's November 9, 2007 live-in-the-studio webcast, we offer up their cover of New Order's "Ceremony."

This really well assembled 3-cam audience shot clip of "15 Step" at the 2006 Bonnaroo Festival offers gratuitous amount of Yorke noodle dancing. Delightful.

We return to Later in 1997 for a jittery, quite epic "Paranoid Android." As they point out, "God loves his children," but given the talents & blessings he bestowed on these boys, he loves them more than most of us!

Back to Jonny and Thom for a sweet acoustic version of ever-favorite "Karma Police." Check out the tiny little studio audience. How hard was that ticket to score?

We bid you adieu with a slippery, Kaos Pad slashed version of "Everything In Its Right Place" introduced with Neil Young's "After The Gold Rush." Goodnight and God bless, dear sirs. You make the world a better place.

See last week's Saturday Eye Candy on the Vietnam War and its impact on popular music here. And don't forget, you can eyeball video sweetness 24/7 with JamBase TV.

[Published on: 9/13/08]

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Gutterlush Sat 9/13/2008 08:23AM
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Long Live Radiohead!!! If you can get your hands on a b-side called 'Pearly' you will hear their take on Ennio Morricone spaghetti western type music. Highly recommended as it is a kick-ass song. It is on the Airbag/How am I driving ep.

iwantstogetfunkedup Sat 9/13/2008 08:37AM
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Thanks Jambase! That Paranoid Android is sick.

Detroit Funk starstarstarstarstar Sat 9/13/2008 01:09PM
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Detroit Funk

That life in a glass house is fucking awesome. This is a great set of videos. Solid Eye Candy.

HoodooVoodoo Sat 9/13/2008 03:41PM
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therethere... starstarstarstarstar Sat 9/13/2008 05:57PM
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Yeah I miss them alot, there's gotta be another album/tour in the future. I really hope so... I wish I went to more than two shows in the tour, both st loui and lolla were badass and i got to see many different songs. I can get enough radiohead

therethere... starstarstarstarstar Sat 9/13/2008 06:12PM
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oh yeah thanks for the bad ass videos, some ive never seen before, thanks

1radioheader Sat 9/13/2008 07:07PM
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Saw an article today that says they are going back in the studio after this tour. . . . . .. . and thanx for some good video Jambase. . . . .now if Radiohead would just release a really high quality concert DVD from this tour. . . . ..

rainydaywomen420 starstarstarstarstar Sat 9/13/2008 08:19PM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


love the cover of ceremony. goddamn brilliant bunch of bloody blokes

beatstock starstarstarstarstar Sat 9/13/2008 10:03PM
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radiohead is definitely the best band of this time...actually the past 2 decades, but their new material is so epic and meaningful. i hate when people flame on radiohead because they just dont get it...they are pink floyd and then some with their songcraft and metaphorical lyrics. actually they aren't like any band...they're THE band if you are in the same reality they doubt about it these guys will be back in the studio...probably take a decent break from touring because they hate touring, but then after they release another epic album like hail to the theif, they will do some major headlining slots, and probably a few shows here and there, then a year later do a huge tour. with this band there is so much studio material that never gets old that you dont need to see them live all the time, just pop in a cd and you're right in the reality they/you create. here is a link for all you fans...bit torrent program is all you need and you will be in radioheaven. enjoi.

Trojan88 starstarstarstarstar Sat 9/13/2008 10:19PM
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here is the list of the greatest artist of all time.

the beatles


pink floyd

led zepplin

the greatful dead

bob dylan

and bob marley

wholelottaled231 Sat 9/13/2008 11:05PM
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man. all these videos did was make me wish i was there. i have to see them before i die

1radioheader Sun 9/14/2008 04:43AM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


not a bad list Trojan88. . .. .. .

ClaysTribe starstarstarstarstar Sun 9/14/2008 07:49AM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


one cheese grater

briank67 Sun 9/14/2008 08:32AM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


i still hold out hope that they'll tour the states again one last time this year....i saw them at lolla, but would love a chance to see them in a smaller venue near the holidays.

iwantstogetfunkedup Sun 9/14/2008 08:53AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

WOW Trojan88! It seems you have overlooked Dokken in your list. Hopefully a momentary lapse of reason on your part. Otherwise your list is on the money!

oboyler Sun 9/14/2008 04:11PM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


near the top of the list of bands to see before i die. they better hit up the the northeast coast on there next tour.

acomma Sun 9/14/2008 04:13PM
-2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


trojan, spell the Grateful Dead right next time. Paul Simon over Radiohead as well.

Jeff Kash Sun 9/14/2008 05:00PM
Show -4 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!
bubbarock starstarstarstarstar Sun 9/14/2008 09:06PM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Wow...just incredible music and videos.

But...Paul Simon over Radiohead? lol.

And...OBSHL? Too bad you can't savor the moment?

AintNoFreedom starstarstarstarstar Sun 9/14/2008 10:35PM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


That last song there is amazing. And too see Radiohead cover Neil Young? Just awesome.