13th Goose On The Lake Festival

HITS 13TH YEAR ON JUNE 6-7, 2008

What began in 1996 as a small private concert for diehard fans of the legendary rock group Goose Creek Symphony has developed into a yearly "reunion" for folks that have a certain way of living and a certain taste in music. The Goose On The Lake Music Festival after twelve years has never been, nor ever will be a huge gathering of 30 bands on multiple stages jammed into a short weekend. What makes this festival so special is the light crowd, the carefully selected music and the overall energy that one feels when driving onto the farm of Lloyd and Donna Settle hidden deep in the country an hour north of Nashville in the small rural community of Allegre.

2007's show was recorded for a live album and broadcast on XM Radio in February. This year's show is set to be even more exciting with a diverse group of artists. Goose Creek Symphony, a band noted for being one of the first bands to blend a wide array of roots music, will be playing alongside artists who believe in that same concept. Barefoot Jerry is scheduled to make their triumphant return on Saturday, June 7th. Friday night the 1970's Goose Creek band will reunite for the first time since the end of that historic decade. Other performers scheduled are Todd Snider, Webb Wilder, Velvet Water and The Farewell Drifters.

No sponsors, no fancy light shows, no gimmicks, no uncomfortable security, no bullshit. This festival is as down home as it gets. Goose on the Lake invites you to be a part of their family reunion far away from stress of everyday city life and deep in the heart of ol' Kentucky.

Official Schedule

Friday, June 6th
6:00 pm - Velvet Water
7:00 pm - Webb Wilder and the Beatnecks
8:30 pm - Goose Creek Symphony (reunion set featuring 1970's touring band)

Saturday, June 7th
4:00 pm - The Farewell Drifters
5:00 pm - Barefoot Jerry
6:00 pm - Todd Snider
8:00 pm - Goose Creek Symphony


[Published on: 3/16/08]

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discomcgee Sun 3/16/2008 11:44PM
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yo where the late nights at lol

whodoyoudo Mon 3/17/2008 06:31AM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


this is the real thing, awesome

hnkscrpio starstarstarstar Mon 3/17/2008 07:45AM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Awww, don't poke fun. This is probably great news to some pretty cool old school heads. You guys did just make me laugh my ass off though.

thesearcher starstarstarstarstar Mon 3/17/2008 11:09AM
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Right on! I've heard about this place b4- the pics on the website for the fest look rad. Goose Creek was playin all in my parents house growin up in atlanta. one of the first jammers for sure but never get no credit. thanks for posting

everybodysing starstarstarstarstar Mon 3/17/2008 12:43PM
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This will be my 7th Goose On The Lake and it never gets old. There is NOTHING else like it. It's the one thing that I look forward too every year. It's an extraordinary thing that no one could understand or appreciate until you've experienced it for yourself. Hope to see you all there! Peace

lilgooseliz Mon 3/17/2008 03:19PM
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Yup, I got pics from last year on myspace.com/lizlovesmatt in my album named Goose on the Lake 2007, anyone who wants to check it out, come on by.

frinkazoid Mon 3/17/2008 03:39PM
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ssikora Mon 3/17/2008 04:22PM
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This will be our first time to Goose on the Lake. We're a happy couple of Canucks - see you in June.

creekier Mon 3/17/2008 05:03PM
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this is one thing that can't be missed, if you go once you'll most likely go again, be ready for about anything, wind, rain, sunshine and heat- cow patties, and deep ditches,, beer and shine, the moon leaving and the sun comin up, guitars pickin and fiddles playin! now get in and lets go!

tuckyhead starstarstarstarstar Mon 3/17/2008 08:58PM
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I went two years ago and had a blast. There is really nothing else like it.

swanger_rvt starstarstarstarstar Tue 3/18/2008 10:09AM
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GCS ROCKS!!!!!!!!! Goose on the Lake is great...everyone should come...if you like music...it's the place to go to sit back and hear some good stuff. I went 2 years ago and LOVED it!

HeyHeyHey1 Tue 3/18/2008 11:35AM
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how are they gonna sell tickets if the link for buying tickets isnt even working

tallchic starstarstarstarstar Tue 3/18/2008 07:55PM
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Great music, fun times, all on a beautiful stretch of private land by the water. Bring your tents and be ready to groove to some unbelievably good music. This is the place where generations of Gooseheads gather to share Goose Creek's music. Don't miss it!

thesearcher starstarstarstarstar Tue 3/18/2008 07:58PM
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Not sure what link you tried but I just bought my tickets.