Saturday Eye Candy: Computers

OH MY!!!

On this day in 1983, Apple Computer announced the Apple Lisa, the first commercial personal computer with a graphical user interface and computer mouse. In its wake, well, we have the modern digital age where our toasters text message other appliances and our cats have MySpace pages. A few artists saw this strange, shiny day coming, and we offer up their chrome and neon charms for your weekend edification…

-Gary Numan & Tubeway Army ask "Are Friends Electric?"

-Kraftwerk sing of the glories of the "Pocket Calculator". This live version is in German and Japanese for further distancing effect!

-The Buggles discuss "Living in the Plastic Age" live at the Aplauso.

-We've saved the oddest for last. This is Japanese pop star Keisuke Kuwata performing Donald Fagen's portrait of the future (as seen by a young boy in the 1950s) "I.G.Y.".

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[Published on: 1/19/08]

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FreeHawk Sat 1/19/2008 12:30PM
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Apple rules!