Weekly RecommNeds | Causa Sui, Papir and Jakob Scott

You can stream this week's RecommNeds and previous featured releases through these handy RDIO and Spotify playlists as part of the JamBase channels for each.

Three excellent recent releases from El Paraiso Records.

Causa Sui : Live at Freak Valley

Former RecommNed band, Danish jammers Causa Sui, don’t play too many live shows, sadly, but thankfully they had the tapes rolling for this festival appearance, leading to the concert release, Live At Freak Valley, quite possibly the best live album I’ve heard in years, and my favorite music of 2014 thus far. The material from last year’s Europie Tide album is thoroughly explored, tie-dyed and taffy-pulled to almost uniformly excellent results. Simply stated, the jamming on this album is as good as it gets – listen now and repeatedly and don’t say I didn’t warn you. Absent the ability to actually pay to see these guys play live here in the US, maybe you’ll be like me, buying something in Euros and paying for international shipping for my very own Causa Sui t-shirt. And while I’m at it, let this serve as an open letter to the band: Come play some shows in the USA!!!

Spotify: Causa Sui - Live at Freak Valley
Rhapsody: Causa Sui - Live at Freak Valley

Papir : IIII

Once you’ve listened to that one a few dozen times, it’s time to move on to Causa Sui’s cousin,Papir. Their new album is simply titled IIII and each song of the four tracks is named IIII.I through IIII.IIII like some too-cool-for-binary unitary code. Whatever you call it, the music is sublime. Let’s put it this way, if you like the Causa Sui, you’re gonna definitely dig Papir. This is exploratory, long-form, high-definition jamming with thundering bass, soaring guitar and some killer drumming throughout; equal parts hair-raising and brain-kissing.

Spotify: Papir - IIII
Rhapsody: Papir - IIII

Jakob Scott : Amor Fati

Finally, Jakob Skott, who is maybe a second cousin on the mother’s side. What Causa Sui is to balls-out jamming, Skott is to livetronica. His new album, Amor Fati, is more A+ instrumental music, with a full on infusion of electronics. It’s a primo mix of studio synth, beeps and bloops, and crazy good live drumming. This is heady, acid-jazzy, out-there, in-there, over-there music filled with laser beams and moonbeams. Not for the weak of heart. Enjoy ‘em all and share with your friends!

Spotify: Jakob Scott - Amor Fati
Rhapsody: Jakob Scott - Amor Fati

Written By: Aaron Stein

[Published on: 4/30/14]

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