Phish Fan Who Won On Price Is Right Writes About Experience

Yesterday we posted about a Phish fan named John who not only won big on The Price Is Right, but also gave a shoutout to Phish fans and had host Drew Carey shoutout the fanbase as well. We did a little digging and found the fan, John Kozak, and asked him to detail his experience for our readers. Thankfully he was up for the task. Take it away John...

Best Show Ever! The response from this community over my Price Is Right experience has been amazing. The best part has been sharing it with the community that has been such a big part of my life.

Here’s the backstory leading up to the show:

It had been an epic summer tour, the band was (and is) on fire and I jumped on tour in Chicago. I continued to The Gorge, Tahoe, Hollywood and then Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Colorado. I planned my tour around a family reunion in Big Bear, and part of my planning included getting Price Is Right and Conan tickets for the day of the Hollywood Bowl show. It had been a special run for me and a lot of fans, including getting to see my first "Harpua" in Chicago, the majesty of The Gorge, the Tahoe "Tweezer" (at my 100th show, no less) getting to see old friends, making new ones and all the happenstance and synchronicities being on tour provides.

After dropping off my Dad and Aunt very early at the airport my brother and (now) Wife went down to CBS studios and got in line, where at 6 a.m. we were numbers 11, 12 and 13. We found free parking, found ourselves large coffees and waited until the gates opened. We went through the process of getting our name tags and taking a pre-show photo and waited for the interview. As we were waiting in line, we got the other audience members to start the wave and kept our spirits high.

Seven hours later we were interviewed by the Head Producer. He would say hello, comment on what you’re wearing and ask what you do and move on. He made a comment on my Back To The Future hat and asked what I did. I said, “I’m a creative problem solver.” This turned a few heads on the production team. He asked me to elaborate and I explained that "I’m a musician, I work in production for events, branding and event planning and I own a business - a sound therapy chair with a new sound technology that could be used for deaf people to experience live concerts." My brother said he’s a beard and mustache enthusiast as he’s done competitions and my wife told him she’s an orchestra teacher by day and ferocious fiddler by night. He reacted well to our responses and moved on, we thought we had a pretty good chance of one of us being called down.

Phish fans and music fans in general, know the excitement of going into a show - the awareness, heightened senses and most importantly the energy that’s created between the band and the audience. It’s that energy that I brought to The Price is Right. The “Best Show Ever” t-shirt design I made the previous MSG New Year's Run when I hung out with the School of Phish crew and had the shirts made for Summer Tour. The idea being that every Phish show is the Best Show Ever because it’s the one that’s happening. The Back To The Future hat I had worn at shows all summer had been lost after the second night of The Gorge and my amazing wife ordered one and had it sent to my hotel in time for Tahoe. I was lucky to meet The Original Meters after their Meter Men show in Tahoe and (drummer) Zigaboo (Modeliste) wore it for pictures and talked with me about music, a very special night, and for me, a special hat.

Head to Page Two for the rest of John's story

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