Levon Helm: Dirt Farmer

Inspiration from the Delta: Levon Goes Home for Dirt Farmer

Levon Helm's first record in more than a decade, Dirt Farmer, will be released to the public on October 30, through Dirt Farmer Music LLC in conjunction with Vanguard Records. Levon sings and plays drums, guitar and mandolin on the CD, accompanied by Larry Campbell on guitars and fiddle, and the voices of Amy Helm and Teresa Williams. The record explores songs Levon learned as a boy in Arkansas and others in that style.

"Growing up on a cotton farm in the Arkansas Delta, Dirt Farmer rings true to home," Levon said. "Amy encouraged me to go all the way back and try to record some of the family songs from home that we always loved best."

The CD will be available to the general public on October 30. But to mark this milestone in his career, Levon will offer his longtime supporters and fans the opportunity to purchase it six weeks early through a limited edition offer at the LHS website. The $300 package will include one of 1,000 numbered, autographed Dirt Farmer CDs, a Dirt Farmer t-shirt, and two Midnight Ramble tickets good for any show at Levon Helm Studios in 2007 or 2008. The CDs will be shipped on September 15. For more information please go to levonhelm.com.

Dirt Farmer:
1. False Hearted Lover Blues 3:29
2. Poor Old Dirt Farmer 3:52
3. The Mountain 3:35
4. Little Birds 4:41
5. The Girl Left Behind 3:35
6. Calvary 4:53
7. Anna Lee 3:42
8. Got Me a Woman 3:11
9. A Train Robbery 5:28
10. Single Girl, Married Girl 3:18
11. Blind Child 3:26
12. Feelin’ Good 3:31
13. Wide River To Cross 4:52


[Published on: 8/22/07]

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JakeCinningerisgod Wed 8/22/2007 04:43PM
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Levon is the man bottom line, if i had the money i would so get that package. Thats a fucking sweet deal.

assafjaffe starstarstarstarstar Wed 8/22/2007 07:13PM
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God Bless Levon Helm. The first singer to let his thick accent show instead of trying to hide it. The smoothest drummer/singer ever in my opinion and just an allaround fucking cool dude. If you dig The Band, read "This Wheel's on Fire." Levon's autobiography. It's a bit one sided as Levon is pissed at Robbie about alot of shit but It's great book and written straight from the heart.

I can't wait for this disk. My band 7th Direction lifted a tune of his last album and were stoked when Jambase honored us a a nominee for best cover song in their "Best of 2004" story. But all props go to Levon. Even though he didn't write the tune Hurricane, (which is about New Orleans fighting spirit) it was his voice and arrangment of the tune which attracted me to it, and no other song in the world gives me more pleasure to play live. Levon Helm is the fucking man, may he live a long time and continue to make Arkansas proud.

It was Levon Helm who taught Robbie Robbertson Southern Hisotry, enabling him to produce "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" which much like Mark Twain's "Huckleberry Finn" stepped intimatly into the Confederate perspective to tell a story that no outsider could understand well enough to articulate. Great singer, pocket drummer, excellent actor and humble cool guy.
Long Live Rock

daddyfatsack Wed 8/22/2007 07:59PM
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Levon Helm is has my presonal favorite singer of all time. He is my insperation for making music myself. Since I was a wee lad listening to The Last Waltz with my old man I wanted to sing like Levon! Keep Rockin Mr. Helm.

JakeCinningerisgod Wed 8/22/2007 08:29PM
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ya i respect Robbie a lot as a musican but as a person i hear nothing but bad things about the guy, just a real asshole i hear.

mrmojorisin323 Wed 8/22/2007 10:53PM
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I'm going to see him next Saturday at the Midnight Ramble - can't wait!

TimCorcoran starstarstarstarstar Thu 8/23/2007 03:02AM
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King Harvest has surely come!!! Love you Levon!!! =)

gmoo Thu 8/23/2007 11:32AM
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Good luck Levon! I hope this does well, because you deserve it.

guitardave starstarstarstarstar Thu 8/23/2007 01:00PM
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Levon's the man. He's so cool. I got to open for him with Shannon McNally's band at Tribeca Blues a couple years ago.
I had to play "When I Paint My Masterpiece" on madolin right in front of him. I know it sounds like a lot of name dropping but he was one of the nicest guys you'd ever meet. He still plays mando and he still steams the trees.

ryan621 Thu 8/23/2007 04:18PM
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RothburyWithCheese starstarstarstarstar Fri 8/24/2007 08:38AM
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We love you Levon. One of the most underrated artists in rock n roll history.

EVILFUNK starstarstarstarstar Fri 8/24/2007 11:50AM
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towergroveking starstarstarstarstar Sat 8/25/2007 05:46PM
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Levon is most definitely the man... Check him out in the movie SHOOTER it is great!