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  • Collosseum club

    See the Collosseum club concert calendar. Collosseum club is in Košice, Slovak Republic.

  • Domu Kultúry

    See the Domu Kultúry concert calendar. Domu Kultúry is in Krompachy, Slovak Republic.

  • Tabacka Kulturfabrik

    See the Tabacka Kulturfabrik concert calendar. Tabacka Kulturfabrik is in Kosice, Slovak Republic.

  • Stará radnica

    See the Stará radnica concert calendar. Stará radnica is in Košice, Slovak Republic.

  • Mestská športová hala

    See the Mestská športová hala concert calendar. Mestská športová hala is in Humenné, Slovak Republic.

  • Chemkostav ARÉNA

    See the Chemkostav ARÉNA concert calendar. Chemkostav ARÉNA is in Michalovce, Slovak Republic.