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Map for Royale Boston

Royale Boston

  • 279 Tremont St
  • Boston, MA 02116
  • United States

About Royale Boston

From its grand staircase to its beautiful balcony Royale gives its customers a glimpse into the grand ballroom days of the past through the eyes of a modern fully functioning venue.

Royale is Boston’s only true mega club. Its classic beauty and modern ethic make it a truly unique nightlife experience.

Royale can offer its customers unparalleled service in a venue that has many applications. Royale is the most luxurious nightclub experience in Boston.

Royale’s concept was the brainchild of Dave Ralph. Dave worked hand in hand with Miami venue designer Tom Telesco to bring Boston a first class club. Telesco’s vision really brought out the beauty of the room. With Eco Friendly hardwood floors, classic furniture and rock and roll style, Telesco created a room that simply wows everyone who walks through the doors.

Ralph put together one of the hottest teams in nightlife to ensure the venue is all it can be. General Manager Brig Dauber is renowned in the Boston market for his operational skills. He is a young, highly motivated man with great vision and a natural ability to bring the best out of his staff.

Jamison LaGuardia’s skills in the private event market are second to none he has brought a fresh outlook to Boston’s Private Event industry bringing such clients as NASCAR, Comedy Central and Songwriters in the round to Royale.

Ralph had identified that Boston needed a fresh outlook on live music and after having worked with The Bowery Presents in New York invited them to become Royale’s live music partner. Bowery Presents are considered the premier Concert Promoter in New York, their relationships with Artists, Agents and Fans are such that they have the loyalest following in the New York Metro.

Royale’s staff are friendly, helpful and are there to make anyone’s experience the best it can be. From the moment you walk into Royale until you leave, we want your night to be the best of your life.

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