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Map & Directions

Map for Quixote’s True Blue

Quixote’s True Blue

  • 2014 S University Blvd.
  • Denver, CO 80210
  • United States

About Quixote’s True Blue

Quixote’s True Blue, established by three brothers, Jay, Philip and Aric/Dante, as a gathering for deadheads and kindred spirits after Jerry Garcia laid down his weary head one last time, is a bar dedicated to music. The derivation of the bar’s name is twofold. Quixote comes from the Miguel de Cervantes’ picaresque novel of the same name. The fictional figure Don Quixote was a man dedicated to the spirit of imagination and adventure that was inherent in the long strange trip that so many of us have and continue to take. Don Quixote was a character who found the magical in the everyday. He was also my father’s favorite literary figure. Thus, the bar is partly dedicated to my father who succumbed to cancer the day before his birthday September 24, 1994. Both my father and Jerry Garcia were on a quest to bring a smile and higher awareness to all of those they encountered.

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