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Map for Kingston Mines

Kingston Mines

  • 2548 North Halsted
  • Chicago, IL 60614
  • United States

About Kingston Mines

Kingston Mines is about one thing and one thing only: Having a Great Time! We create a party for you seven nights a week, with great food, drinks, entertainment and “Dancing ALOUD”. We’re the place to “Hear Blues, Drink Booze, Talk Loud, You’re Among Friends”. Featuring Chicago’s best Barbeque, where you can eat the greatest Ribs & Chicken Wings in Chicago, “Where the World Comes for Barbeque”!

There’s all kinds of blues here, from the more soulful to the more toe-tapping variety. With two stages and music playing until 4am and 5am on Saturday, what’s not to love? The musicians are the best blues musicians from around Chicago and the United States, some of whom also play internationally.

Kingston Mines attracts locals, tourists, blues legends, and celebrities alike who come for the blues that is played continuously, alternating between two stages, deep into the heart of the night.

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