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Great Scott

Great Scott

  • 1222 Commonwealth Ave.
  • Allston, MA 02134
  • United States

About Great Scott

Great Scott hosts a wide range of live music and DJ events. We pride ourselves on diversity and are open to hosting events for all creative artists, musicians, or promoters who are willing to work hard. In the past, Great Scott was known more for its Sunday Ska nights, and rock / cover bands, as well as the always classic “Ladies 80s”.

Starting in early 2004, Great Scott began to gradually switch formats to host more indie, underground, and live rock shows for a wide range of artists. In just a few short months, the venue boomed to become one of Boston’s newest venues for great rock shows. We welcome all fans of music, and want everyone to feel universally welcome regardless of age, race, sexuality, or ‘scene’. A quick list of some great bands who have stopped by since the summer of 2004 would include national acts such as Wolfmother, Of Montreal, Lightningbolt, Hot Chip, Magnolia Electric Co., as well as local favorites Night Rally, Hooray For Earth, Clickers, and The Bon Savants.

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