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Map & Directions

Map for Cervantes’ Other Side

Cervantes’ Other Side

  • 2635 Welton Street
  • Denver, CO 80205
  • United States

About Cervantes’ Other Side

Cervantes’ has two rooms that offer live music simultaneously, Cervantes’ and The Other Side. Each room operates independently of the other but they are connected giving our patrons the ability to venture back and forth between each room. Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom separates itself from other Denver live music venues for a multitude of reasons, but the dual venue feature makes Cervantes’ stand out the most.

Cervantes’ holds 900 people and includes a balcony that wraps around the entire room creating a very intimate setting. Cervantes’ incorporates a top of the line sound system, including a Meyer MICALine Array with four boxes per side and six Meyer 650P subs. This arrangement translates into full sound that can be heard throughout the venue from front to back. The Other Side holds 500 people and has equally impressive traits.

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