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Map for Avondale Brewing Company

Avondale Brewing Company

  • 201 41st Street South
  • Birmingham, AL 35222
  • United States

About Avondale Brewing Company

e’re not just a brewery, we’re also a pretty sweet place to hang out while you drink beer. We’ve hosted a lot of great bands and events, so if you haven’t been at one of our events yet then you’re really missing out! Complete with a huge outdoor bar, a large permanent stage, tons of standing room and a healthy amount of comfy seating, Avondale Brewing is a great place for events and festivals. Home to the annual music and food festival Trunkstock, as well as a live music venue every weekend, ABC is always a place to find great music. We’re big on having local artists and bands, so please hit us up if you’re a musician and want to come play!

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