Will Rogers Auditorium

  • Fort Worth, TX (map)
  • 7:30pm

Pam Tillis Setlist

  • Mi Vida Loca (My Crazy Life)
  • Cleopatra, Queen of Denial
  • Shake the Sugar Tree
  • Spilled Perfume
  • Let That Pony Run
  • All the Good Ones Are Gone
  • Calico Plains
  • Don't Tell Me What to Do
  • Is It Raining at Your House?
  • Unknown Song  

Little Texas Setlist

  • Some Guys Have All the Love
  • Amy's Back in Austin
  • My Town
  • Life Goes On
  • My Love
  • Bullet From a Gun
  • Gimmie All Your Lovin'/American Band/Rockin' Me/Bullet From A Gun
  • Tush  
  • Peaceful Easy Feeling  
  • Kick a Little
  • What Might Have Been
  • God Blessed Texas


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