Band of Horses at Marquee Theatre



  • Band of Horses


    • The First Song
    • Laredo
    • The Great Salt Lake
    • Islands on the Coast
    • NW Apt.
    • Electric Music
    • Ain't No Good to Cry  
    • Blue Beard
    • Cigarettes, Wedding Bands
    • On My Way Back Home
    • Marry Song
    • Everything's Gonna Be Undone
    • Older
    • Knock Knock
    • A Little Biblical
    • No One's Gonna Love You
    • Is There a Ghost
    • Weed Party
    • Ode to LRC
    • The Funeral
    • The General Specific
    • Detlef Schrempf
    • Am I a Good Man  


Map for Marquee Theatre

Marquee Theatre

  • 730 N. Mill Ave.
  • Tempe, AZ 85281
  • United States

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