Mountain Music Festival


The stage sits right in the middle of ACE Adventure Resort, a 1,500-acre outdoor adventure property right outside Fayetteville, WV. This way, festival attendees are always close to the New River Gorge’s best outdoor activities, ranging from some of the country’s best white water rafting, to rock climbing, to world-class mountain biking, and basically anything in between. Not to mention, the kind of comfortable cabins and nice bathrooms/showers that you’ll find on an established campground like ACE. And because of the simple ethos behind the festival, you’ll be surrounded by a community of like-minded outdoor adventures who don’t mind a little moonshine with their music, or the other way around.

Venue & Available Accommodations

Ace Adventure Resort

  • 1 Concho Road
  • Oak Hill, WV 25901
  • United States
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