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LOCKN', a 4-day music festival, with an emphasis on world class music, locally sourced food and sustainability is held annually at the Infinity Downs Farm and Oak Ridge in the foothills of the Blue Ridge in Central Virginia.

Lockn' was named for the interlocking performances presented at Wetlands and the continuous uninterrupted music featured between the two stages at HORDE. Lockn's conceptual theme will touch all elements of the event: “when something ends, another begins.” Lockn' is one of the country’s most unique and dynamic events.

Lockn's two side by side main stages feature full sets that will run seamlessly from one to the other without breaks between performances, giving the audience a unique and singular experience. The emphasis is on quality over quantity, as fewer bands play longer sets and many of the featured artists perform multiple sets on different days.

Venue & Available Accommodations

Oak Ridge Farm

  • 2300 Oak Ridge Road
  • Arrington, VA 22922
  • United States
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