The Rocket Summer

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The Rocket Summer Tour Dates

Sorry, there are no upcoming The Rocket Summer tour dates.


Latest The Rocket Summer Setlist

Moxi Theater
  • Do You Feel
  • A Song Is Not a Business Plan
  • Don't Be Yourself
  • Calendar Life
  • So Much Love
  • Shatter Us
  • Brat Pack
  • Cross My Heart
  • Skies So Blue
  • This Is Me
  • Saturday
  • She's My Baby
  • That's So You
  • Mean Thoughts and Cheap Shots
  • Movie Stars and Super Models
  • What We Hate, We Make
  • TV Family
  • Break It Out
  • Never Knew
  • Don't Be Yourself
  • So, in This Hour...
  • 200,000
  • Around the Clock
  • Walls
  • FL, CA
  • M4U
  • Do You Feel
  • Hills and Valleys
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