Yonder Mountain Teams With Umphrey’s In New Hampshire On This Date In 2007


Ten years ago today Umphrey’s McGee and Yonder Mountain String Band brought a collaboration-heavy, two night sweep through New England to a close at the Hampton Beach Casino in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. In honor of the occasion we’ve collected audio of both bands’ sets, as well as a brief performance from Jeff Austin and Brendan Bayliss that started the evening, for this week’s Full Show Friday.

Austin and Bayliss began the concert with a set featuring three songs they wrote together. Jeff and Brendan performed “Susanah,” “Always Up” and “Grave,” tunes they would go on to record for their 2010 album One Man Show from a project they would soon call “30db.” The original four-piece lineup of Yonder Mountain String Band took the stage next for a set that included a guest appearance from UM’s Kris Myers on “Catch A Criminal.”

Yonder Mountain String Band ended their lone set with “King Ebenezer” as members of Umphrey’s McGee took the stage one-by-one. Eventually, the members of YMSB left the stage and UM rolled on with their first of two sets. Umphrey’s first set included a well-jammed and unfinished “In The Kitchen” as well as “Water,” “Prowler,” “Hangover” and “Wizard Burial Ground.” The six-piece kicked off their second set with a cover of “Breathe” by Pink Floyd which they connected to the original “Slacker.” Up next was an adventurous “Der Bluten Kat” featuring “13 Days” and a slew of teases within.

The encore saw all ten musicians take the stage. Up first was a cover of The Beatles’ “Baby You’re A Rich Man” featuring Bayliss on lead vocals. The night then came to a close with a collaborative version of the Umphrey’s McGee instrumental “Great American.” Download and/or stream audience recordings of all four sets below.

Austin & Bayliss and Yonder Mountain String Band Audio (Taped by SmokinJoe)

Umphrey’s McGee Audio (Taped by Jesse Hurlbut)


Jeff Austin & Brendan Bayliss

Set: Susanah, Always Up, Grave

Yonder Mouuntain String Band (via PT YMSB)

Set : Raleigh & Spencer, 40 Miles from Denver, Spanish Harlem Incident, Looking Back Over My Shoulder> Southbound, Maid of the Canyon, Rain Still Falls, New Horizons, Catch A Criminal*, Peace Of Mind> East Nashville Easter> Peace Of Mind> King Ebenezer**

* – w/ Kris Myers on drums, ** – Umphrey’s McGee joins the band and segues into their own set

Umphrey’s McGee (via All Things Umphreys)

Set One: Intro[1] > In The Kitchen[2] > Water, Prowler > Hangover, Wizard Burial Ground

Set Two: Breathe > Slacker, Der Bluten Kat[3] > 13 Days > Der Bluten Kat

Encore: Baby You’re A Rich Man[4] > Great American[4]

  • [1] Yonder Mountain String Band jammed out King Ebenezer Rap to close their set; one by one, they were replaced by Umphrey’s before seguing into In the Kitchen
  • [2] unfinished
  • [3] with Back to the Middle (The New Deal), Crazy Train (Ozzy Osbourne), and #5 teases
  • [4] with all of Yonder Mountain String Band