Yonder Mountain String Band Plays Show #1,000 On This Date In 2007


In 1998 banjo player Dave Johnston, mandolinist Jeff Austin, guitarist Adam Aijala and bassist Ben Kaufmann formed Yonder Mountain String Band. The jamgrass act quickly and steadily built an audience thanks in part to plenty of time on the road. On June 15, 2007 Yonder Mountain String Band played Simon Estes Park in Des Moines, Iowa which was their 1,000th concert.

The band treated the “Kinfolk” on hand in Des Moines ten years ago today to quite a celebration. YMSB opened and closed the first set with “If There’s Still Ramblin’ In The Rambler (Let Him Go)” and did the same with “Keep On Going” in the second set. The quartet mixed beloved favorites with a number of rarities throughout the evening. As per notes from fan Mark Burnell, Yonder’s 1000th show included the first “Check Out Time” since June 16, 2004; only the second “Coming On Strong” in a five-year span; the third “Going To The Races” in the previous three years; the return of “Polka On The Banjo” after nearly three years and the first “Over The Waterfall” since June 25, 2005.

All these years later, Yonder Mountain String Band is still going strong with a lineup that finds Johnston, Kaufmann and Aijala joined by Allie Kral and Jacob Jolliff. The five-piece will release their latest studio album, Love. Ain’t Love, on June 23 and are celebrating at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival this weekend.

Listen to a soundboard recording of YMSB’s 1,000th show taped by Steven Propp:

Setlist (via Phantasy Yonder)

Set One: If There’s Still Ramblin’ in the Rambler (let him go) > Coming on Strong 1> Going To The Races, Mossy Cow, High on a Hilltop, 40 Miles from Denver, New Horizons > Check Out Time 2> New Horizons, Rambler’s Anthem, Winds Of Wyoming, Classic Situation, Night Out, Sidewalk Stars > If There’s Still Ramblin’ in the Rambler (let him go)

Set Two: Keep on Going > Only A Northern Song > Angel > Snow on the Pines > Mother’s Only Son > On the Run > Kentucky Mandolin > On the Run > Follow Me Down To The Riverside > Snow on the Pines > Boatman 3> If You’re Ever In Oklahoma > Keep on Going

Encore: Holding, The Tie That Binds 4, Polka On The Banjo 5

  • 1 – 2nd time played in 5 years
  • 2 – last time played – 6/16/04 (300 shows)
  • 3 – with Over the Waterfall tease
  • 4 – last time played – 3/20/02 (565 shows)
  • 5 – last time played – 8/31/04 (271 shows)