Yonder Mountain Covers Game Of Thrones & Jams With Fiddlers

UPDATE 4/12 12 p.m. PT: We’ve finally come across a longer fan-shot video of YMSB covering the Game Of Thrones theme thanks to SneakySneakygrow. There’s still no audience recording of the track as far as we can find, but we’re keeping our eyes out.

Yonder Mountain String Band brought their spring tour to the Crystal Ballroom in Portland, OR on Tuesday night, where they were joined by a pair of guest fiddlers and treated fans to a cover of the theme song from the popular HBO series Game Of Thrones.

Philip Brezina of opening act Brothers Comatose were Yonder’s first guest of the evening as he sat in with the group on “No Expectations” in the middle of the first set. Later in the opening stanza Allie Kral emerged for a take on “Raleigh & Spencer” that saw the Game Of Thrones theme and “Funtime” worked into it. Kral returned towards the end of the second set for the “On The Run” > “Angel” > “King Ebeneezer” > “Angel” > “On The Run” sequence. Both fiddlers had a turn to guest during the encore with Brezina sitting in on “Crazy” and Kral joining in on “Boatman.” Allie and Philip both sat in at last night’s Yonder Mountain String Band show in Eugene as well.

So far the only media of YMSB covering Game Of Thrones theme to surface has been a short Instagram clip:

Here’s the setlist from Yonder’s visit to Portland on Tuesday night:

Set One: High On A Hilltop, Criminal, Maid Of The Canyon, Left Me In A Hole, No Expectations(1), Loved You Enough, Lonesome Letter, Walking Shoes, Raleigh & Spencer(2)> Funtime(2)> Game Of Thrones(2)> Raleigh & Spencer(2)

Set Two: Only A Northern Song, 1/2 Moon Rising, My Gal, Polly Put The Kettle On, Pass This Way, To See You Coming Round The Bend, Steep Grade Sharp Curves, On The Run(2)> Angel(2)> King Ebeneezer(2)> Angel(2)> On The Run(2)

Encore: Crazy(1)> Boatman(2)

Comment: (1)= Philip Brezina on fiddle
(2)= Allie Kral on fiddle

[Setlist via Setlist.com]