William Tyler & Marisa Anderson Share ‘At The Edge Of The World’ Single

"At The Edge Of The World's" title is inspired by a harrowing horseback ride Marisa experienced.

By Nate Todd Aug 18, 2021 10:31 am PDT

William Tyler and Marisa Anderson released a new single, “At The Edge Of The World.” The song is set to land on the duo’s upcoming collaborative album, Lost Futures, due out on August 27 via Thrill Jockey.

Tyler and Anderson previously previewed Lost Futures with the title track and “Hurricane Light.” The duo now follows with “At The Edge Of The World.” The new Lost Futures track is inspired by Cumbia — a style of music originating in Colombia but popular throughout Latin America — and features string player Gisela Rodriguez and ​​Patricia Vázquez Gómez on quijada.

Anderson detailed “At The Edge Of The World” in a statement:

To be clear – this song is not a Cumbia, but I was playing around with the relationship between rhythm and melody and looking for that momentum. It was a way to practice playing in 3 where the last beat pushes the first beat of the next bar. The name comes from a time many years ago when I was riding a horse in Northern Arizona and we were galloping straight to the edge of a deep arroyo. I was totally not in control, and I didn’t know if the horse was going to turn at the last minute or if it was going to just sail over the edge with me on its back.

“This is one of my personal favorites,” Tyler added about the new single, “the way the track builds but never gets too authoritative – kind of an anti-theme song to a lost Western.”

Listen to “At The Edge Of The World” below:

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