Wilco To Only Play A Handful Of Shows In 2014

Earlier this week Wilco announced a pair of September shows in Ohio that in addition to two performances at the Lockn’ Festival are the only Wilco gigs on the books for 2014. What does the rest of the year hold for Jeff Tweedy’s main band? A note in a recent email from the group gives a bit of clarity.

“More Wilco news from us shortly including info on a handful of other shows, but keep in mind…there will not be a proper Wilco tour this year,” reads text within the latest Wilco e-mail alert. So, while we shouldn’t be expecting the announcement of a fall tour, there will be “a handful of other shows” revealed soon. Jeff Tweedy has devoted most of the year to his TWEEDY project and that group’s debut album, Sukierae, which comes out in September. 

Wilco made their live debut on October 17 at Cicero’s in St. Louis, MO; which makes this October the 20th anniversary of the band. We’d be very surprised if they don’t celebrate the occasion. Where will Wilco play? We should find out soon, so stay tuned!