Wilco Welcomes Brian Henneman & Mark Ortmann, Busts Out ‘Casino Queen’ In St. Louis


Wilco continued their fall tour on Thursday night at the Fox Theatre in St. Louis, not far from frontman Jeff Tweedy‘s hometown of Belleville, Illinois. Tweedy celebrated the occasion by having old pals Bottle Rockets open and bringing out the band’s Brian Henneman and Mark Ortmann to contribute to Wilco’s encore, which featured the first “Casino Queen” in nearly two years.

“St. Louis…I’m back! You can’t get rid of me,” said Tweedy towards the start of Wilco’s performance according to a report from Via Chicago’s bböp. “It’s so much fun being back and getting to see Brian again and playing with the Bottle Rockets. They always ask who your influences are … and by some cosmic accident, I grew up writing songs next to Brian, a true master who I learned so much from.” Wilco rolled through 26 songs as their main set including eight from their recently released Ode To Joy album.


Henneman toured with Tweedy in the early-1990s as a roadie and extra musician for Uncle Tupelo. Brian also contributed to Uncle Tupelo’s March 16-20, 1992 record and took part in the Coffee Creek project with members of Uncle Tupelo including Tweedy. When Jeff formed Wilco in 1994, he tapped Brian Henneman to play lead guitar on the band’s debut album, A.M., which came out in 1995.

Last night’s encore featured both Henneman and Bottle Rockets’ drummer Mark Ortmann. The encore began with “California Stars” before the pair contributed to Wilco’s first rendition of A.M. track “Casino Queen” since November 17, 2017.

Watch fan-shot video captured by Mark Brillhart of last night’s “Casino Queen” below:


Wilco at The Fabulous Fox Theatre

  • Bright Leaves
  • Before Us
  • I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
  • War on War
  • Handshake Drugs
  • Side With the Seeds
  • One and a Half Stars
  • Hummingbird
  • White Wooden Cross
  • Via Chicago
  • How to Fight Loneliness
  • Bull Black Nova
  • Laminated Cat  
  • Random Name Generator
  • Reservations
  • Impossible Germany
  • Jesus, Etc.
  • We Were Lucky
  • Love Is Everywhere (Beware)
  • Box Full of Letters
  • Everyone Hides
  • I'm Always in Love
  • Heavy Metal Drummer
  • I'm the Man Who Loves You
  • Hold Me Anyway
  • Misunderstood
  • California Stars  
  • Casino Queen