Watch Widespread Panic Perform ‘Red Hot Mama’ At 25th Anniversary Run In 2011


Widespread Panic continues to roll out video from their 25th anniversary run in 2011. The latest is their cover of Funkadelic’s “Red Hot Mama” from the Classic Center in Athens, Georgia.

“Red Hot Mama” came during the February 11, 2011 show, the second night of the run which kicked off in the band’s native Athens on February 10. WSP would conclude the short tour with a concert at the Fox Theater in Atalanta on February 14 (this week marks 10 years since the 25th anniversary run).

Panic debuted “Red Hot Mama” during their Halloween concert in 1998, as per Everyday Companion. It has remained a steady staple cover for the band ever since. The 25th anniversary run version came during a first set segment that began with “Tall Boy” and closed with the Funkadelic tune.

Watch Widespread Panic perform “Red Hot Mama” during their 25th anniversary run below:

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