Widespread Panic Michael Houser-Era Live Spotify Playlist


Widespread Panic co-founding guitarist Michael Houser sadly died on this date in 2002. The talented musician nicknamed “Panic” was only 40-years-old when pancreatic cancer cut short his life. Mikey’s “lingering lead” style of playing was a core aspect of WSP’s sound as the band grew into a touring force during his era as a member of the Athens, Georgia-born group.

From their mid-1980s start through Houser’s final show with the band on July 2, 2002, Widespread Panic drew ever-growing crowds of adoring fans. Capturing the Houser-era of WSP, this week’s edition of Saturday Stream features a Spotify Playlist of live Widespread Panic recordings during the years Mikey was in the band. The set begins in April 1989 and continues chronologically with archival releases and official live albums issued by the band through a playlist-closing show that took place in November 2001.

That 1989 show includes still-played classics such as “Pigeons,” “Travelin’ Light,” “Porch Song,” “Disco,” “Space Wrangler,” “Chilly Water” and others. Progressing through the 1990s, Mikey shines alongside John Bell, Dave Schools, John “JoJo” Hermann, Todd Nance and Domingo “Sunny” Ortiz on songs like “Ain’t Life Grand,” “Rebirtha,” “Airplane,” “Thought Sausage” and “The Waker,” a song Houser wrote for his son Waker, among many more outstanding originals and choice covers. Guests such as John Keane and The Dirty Dozen Brass Band can be heard at various points in the playlist. Spend some time lingering in the Michael Houser era of live Widespread Panic by streaming the playlist below:

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