Weir Everywhere | Family Guy Finale References Bob Weir

Last night Fox aired the season finale of animated series The Family Guy and viewers might have noted a reference to Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead. In the episode titled “Chap Stewie,” Stewie Griffin throws a fit after having his TV time interrupted and launches a scheme to head back in time so that he was never born. However, Stewie is born into a British household he doesn’t like and attempts to return to the Griffins. During this attempt he comes across “British Stewie,” who delivers the Bob Weir reference.

In reference to the Griffins British Stewie tells American Stewie, “you shine among these dullards like Bob Weir in the Grateful Dead.” British Stewie then turns to the camera to say, “that joke’s for one of our crew guys, Matty, he loves the Dead and he’s not doing so well. We love you Captain Trips. Hang in there bro.” The reference takes place around the 17:40 mark of the episode, which cable subscribers can view here or below.

Last night wasn’t the first time the Grateful Dead were mentioned on The Family Guy. Watch the reference from a 2007 episode:

Bob Weir and RatDog have a busy summer planned, while The Family Guy returns in the fall.