Weekly RecommNeds | Marnie Stern, Eleanor Friedberger And Deap Vally

Welcome to another JamBase installment of Weekly RecommNeds, a column penned by Aaron “Neddy” Stein. Aaron wrote for JamBase during the site’s early years and we’re excited to bring him back “full circle.” In this column, Stein details and shares listening links to recent albums he’s been enjoying.

Gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove…

Marnie Stern Chronicles of Marnia

Hey shredder, where ya been all my life? That may be an awful pick-up line, but it’s the way I feel after listening to Marnie Stern’s newest album, the awesomely-titled Chronicles of Marnia. Stern combines awe-inspiring finger-tapping guitar playing with a set of bitchin’ experimental rock and roll creating a wholly unique sound that’s somewhere between punk and prog.

Spotify: Marnie Stern -Chronicles of Marnia
Rhapsody: Marnie Stern -Chronicles of Marnia
MOG: Marnie Stern -Chronicles of Marnia
Amazon: Marnie Stern -Chronicles of Marnia

Eleanor Friedberger Personal Record

Yay for album titles with double meanings! I seriously hope you’re already listening to this album on repeat, because it grows better with each go-around, but on the off-chance you don’t even know about it, let me give you a nudge in the right direction. Perhaps her Fiery Furnaces background has scared you off a little bit (it shouldn’t!), but Friedberger’s newest is an accessible, beautiful, one-great-song-after-another affair. Each word and note has the a warm meticulously-chosen feel to it and Friedberger is at the top of her game. This is the album for the down slope of summer.

Spotify: Eleanor Friedberger – Personal Record
MOG: Eleanor Friedberger – Personal Record
Rhapsody: Eleanor Friedberger – Personal Record
Amazon: Eleanor Friedberger – Personal Record

Deap Vally Get Deap!

In case those first two picks weren’t, um, rockin’ enough for you, I give you this four-song EP from SoCal duo Deap Valley. Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards are a guitar-and-drums outfit in the mold of those others guitar-and-drums duos you already know and love. They more than hold their own with some serious Jack White-esque riffs. This is heavy duty blues rock with maybe a little more sex appeal than you’re used to. Not a bad thing. Turn it up.

Spotify: Deap Vally -Get Deap!
MOG: Deap Vally -Get Deap!
Rhapsody: Deap Vally -Get Deap!
Amazon: Deap Vally -Get Deap!

Written By: Aaron Stein