Weekly RecommNeds | Goat, Jacco Gardner, Mmoss And Quilt

By Aaron Stein Oct 9, 2013 10:45 am PDT

Recently released singles from previous RecommNeds… enjoy!

Goat –Dreambuilding/StoneGoat

One of my favorite albums of 2013 was Goat’s World Music. Yours too, right? If not, here’s a little taste of the polycrystalline awesome these mysterious Swedes have to offer. Two equally heavy, trance-inducing brain-boppers. This is just enough to tide you over until the next hit of Goat.

Spotify: Goat – Dreambuilding

MOG: Goat – Dreambuilding

Rhapsody: Goat – Dreambuilding

Jacco GardnerThe End Of August

Must be something about Northern Europe…hailing from the Netherlands, Jacco Gardner’s Cabinet of Curiosities from earlier this year is a top notch album of magical, dreamy pop songs. These two tracks keep the magic alive, a tasty, otherworldly morsel.

Spotify: Jacco Gardner – The End of August

MOG: Jacco Gardner – The End of August

Rhapsody: Jacco Gardner – The End of August

Quilt / MmossNew Hampshire Freaks

Here’s a split 7” featuring two up-and-comers on the psychedelic scene. Each band takes an admirable stab at recreating that resurgent sound. The real treat is when the two bands join forces on the superjammed “Sandy” which stretches to 14+ minutes of pure, butter-churning.

Spotify: Mmoss – New Hampshire Freaks

MOG: Mmoss – New Hampshire Freaks

Rhapsody: Mmoss – New Hampshire Freaks

Written By: Aaron Stein
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