Watch The Grateful Dead Perform ‘Morning Dew’ On This Date In 1969


On May 11, 1969 the Grateful Dead performed at the Aztec Bowl in San Diego as part of a concert that also featured Canned Heat, Lee Michaels, Tarantula and Santana. The Grateful Dead opened with “Morning Dew” and video of the Bonnie Dobson cover from 51 years ago today can be viewed below.

In the video below, we get a rare look at the 1969 version of the Dead including a mustached Jerry Garcia sans full beard and Pigpen playing percussion. The footage was shot on film and synced with audio from a radio broadcast of the Grateful Dead’s set. Jerry really gets into his performance throughout. As for now, the “Morning Dew” seems to be the only footage from the show that circulates.

Watch footage of “Morning Dew” from this date in 1969 shared on YouTube by VoodooNola:

Listen to the only circulating recording on of the Dead’s set on May 11, 1969:

[Originally Published: May 11, 2016]