Video | Bob Weir Attends & Performs At High School Reunion

Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir attended Fountain Valley School of Colorado in Colorado Springs for his sophomore year of high school in 1962-1963. Weir was unceremoniously expelled from the school, never graduating. His time there was not without its benefits, as Weir met John Perry Barlow at Fountain Valley, with whom he would later write several well-known Grateful Dead songs. Fountain Valley held its 85th Anniversary Celebration last weekend and Weir and his family attended the event that doubled as the 50 year reunion for the class he failed to graduate with.

Fountain Valley has shared footage from the 85th Anniversary Celebration which included Weir being inducted into the School’s Arts Guild and given an honorary diploma, as well as the guitarist performing a handful of Grateful Dead songs with The Fever as well as some backstage originals and covers with former classmates.

Watch here as Weir delivers an acceptance speech after being inducted into the School’s Arts Guild and given an honorary diploma :

These four clips show Weir and former classmate Hal Clifford playing together acoustically backstage:

Here Weir is chatting about his time at Fountain Valley and his science instructor F. Martin Brown:

The house band for the celebration was The Fever and Weir sat-in on two Grateful Dead classics “Shakedown Street” and “One More Saturday Night”:

Weir will perform with the other surviving original members of the Grateful Dead at the five upcoming Fare Thee Well shows. Watch our Songs Of Their Own video series playlist in tribute to the Grateful Dead’s 50th Anniversary: