Umphrey’s McGee Similar Skin Available For Streaming

On June 10 Umphrey’s McGee will release their latest studio album –Similar Skin. The album, which shows the “ripping, guitar solo rock band” side of the group is now available for streaming via

Similar Skin mixes road tested material such as “Bridgeless,” “The Linear,” “No Diablo” and “Puppet String,” with a batch of tunes that have yet to be performed in the live setting. The 11-track effort is the first on the band’s new label, Nothing Too Fancy Music.

UM bassist Ryan Stasik told Billboard that the album’s rock vibe came together organically, “We got together in the studio in Michigan and wrote some new songs together, and everything people were bringing to the table had the same vibe. We were all in the same headspace of rock ‘n’ roll. It was a little progressive, a little heavy, a little pop, a little everything –but still rock ‘n’ roll. Our last record was a little all over the place, but this seems very focused and where our roots are.” Guitarist Brendan Bayliss added that the goal was, “Let’s make an old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll record. Everyone says rock ‘n’ roll is dead; let’s prove them wrong.”

Next up for Umphrey’s McGee are appearances at Mountain Jam and Wakarusa.


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